Freshwater fragrance notes

    • italian bergamot, mountain spring water, oakmoss

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I want to like this more than I do. It's a basic aquatic fragrance done very well. It's quite unisex- according to a woman who works at Bath & Body Works, several of the women there like it so much they spray it on themselves. It smells very nice and appealing... When sprayed in the air or on a strip. When actually sprayed on my skin, it goes "off". Hard to explain, but it looses that bright aquatic quality.
11th August 2022
Reminiscent of Polo Blue, with a warm and resounding base.
12th February 2021

The faintest echo
Of perfume in the valley
Announced our return

With headspace rifles
We stalked the wild dryer sheet
Through forest and field

Following oakmoss
And synthetic bergamot
We tracked our prey to

The Chypreless Hills
Where the strange beast stood its ground
White, clean, and fluffy

With a tinge of green
Emitting those pleasant musks
Familiar to all

Cornered by Red's wife
It put up no resistance
And thus now resides

In fragrant friend zone
For going undercover
As Normal Fresh Guy.
23rd January 2020