Fresh Patchouli 
Jovan (1999)


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Reviews of Fresh Patchouli by Jovan

I purchased this amazing scent at an Eckard's back in the late 90's for $13 a bottle. It became my signature perfume. I only have a few drops left, would love to find it again.
The light airy scent of fresh mown grass with a mixture of floral and patchouli is one of a kind. I have received so many compliments even from the men.
I've written to Jovan a few years ago, and suggested that they bring the scent back to life, as Patchouli is very popular again. They responded that they did not have any intentions on bringing it back.
Above here where it says availability it says "in production" can this be true?
I could only hope and I would be thrilled
Mar 23, 2019

I bought a bottle of this fifteen years ago, and only wore it a couple of times. Today I decided to give it a try again as I thought it might be great in the summer heat. Wow! Now I wish that I owned ten bottles. If you like patchouli (I do), this is heavenly.

Top notes: aldehydes, cut grass, watery green accord
Middle notes: patchouli, freesia, jasmine, white rose
Base notes: patchouli leaves, vanilla

The cut grass and patch remind me of Faberge Straw Hat, which I also loved. I hoped to find Fresh Patchouli on Ebay and did, for $99 a bottle. A lovely summer scent.
Jul 25, 2015

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