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Moschino (2015)

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Fresh Couture by Moschino

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Fresh Couture is a women's perfume launched in 2015 by Moschino

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Reviews of Fresh Couture by Moschino

There are 6 reviews of Fresh Couture by Moschino.

Like others, I bought this mostly for the bottle. The contents are...fine. Standard fruity-floral, rather subdued, unisex. Not much more to say. I wear it on occassion when I don't want to think.

I bought Fresh Couture for the packaging only. The juice is ho-hum and very standard fruity-floral, so nothing special...but it's perfectly wearable as a grab-and-go scent. I'm wearing it today, and 2 hours in it's nearly gone.

Good thing I bought it for the packaging! :)

Thumbs up for the bottle and really stepping outside of the box.

Now the jus...average but not bad. See the name sets you up for some super fresh thingy, but all you get is a sweet synthetic floral...something that could easily fit in the Daisy line by Marc Jacobs.
Pleasant smelling yes, but not Fresh.

A clean, cool, fresh citrus scent. There is nothing mysterious to this scent. It is easy going. A lot of ladies have this kind of scents in their collections. I can not find the 'wow' in it so not of my favorite of the fresh fragrances. The bottle is cheap like a lot of feminine perfumes by moschino. Funny, citrusy, safe, refreshing, interesting, casual, linear, luminious, sweet and youngish.

A linear and sparkles combination of bergamot, mandarin, raspberry, peony, patchouli. Ambroxan and woody notes reminds me a bit of Acqua de Gioia. Well blended scent for someone who likes to smell good without making a statement. It is a radiant floral fruity scent meant to herald the coming of spring. The dry down is weak. Totally if you want a sparkling daytime perfume this is the one for you.

I really don't know where to begin with this monstrosity! I'm the first to admit I'm not a great fan of many modern fragrances, but the Fresh Couture bottle is so different/tacky I couldn't help being intrigued. Unfortunately the bottle is the only thing that makes Fresh Couture any different from numerous other contemporary scents:

This fragrance starts off like a mixture of L'Eau D'Issey, Coco Mademoiselle and a large amount of horribly sweet and synthetic fruit candy, against a subtle background of cedar or pine bath foam (no vanilla, very surprisingly). The ozone fades after about an hour, leaving the nasty fruit notes.

Horribly cheap smelling. I can imagine some teens enjoying this to wear on nights out, but not really any one else! Absolutely horrid!

I so wanted to like Fresh Couture but I'm afraid I really couldn't. The whole packaging and concept could have given birth to something really interesting. Something that with just a bit of imagination and courage could have turned into the *next-level* of *anti-luxury* products started more than a decade back by Comme Des Garcons with the *Odeurs* duo and later by Lush with Dirty.
A statement against modern, inoffensive and characterless perfumery. A statement against pretentiousness trapped in fancy bottles. Yes, this is what Fresh Couture could have been but I'm afraid this is the most vile and hilariously cheap smelling fruity floral I've smelled to date. It basically smells like Windex with a girly twist. Terrifying. Stay well away.

A sadly missed opportunity.

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