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Jo Malone London (1995)

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French Lime Blossom by Jo Malone London

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Reviews of French Lime Blossom by Jo Malone London

There are 17 reviews of French Lime Blossom by Jo Malone London.

On first spray, this is beautiful, but it loses its charm as its component parts come into focus. It's essentially a standard white flowers accord mixed with artificial melon. The clove in the background adds a dusty, fusty quality that feels like it's supposed to echo classic perfumes but mostly adds a layer of grossness under the pretty flowers.

I've said in reviews of other linden perfumes that, as a genre, I have yet to find one that smells like the amazing smell of a lime tree blooming the the night air, because they usually end of smelling like linden-scented soap instead of actual linden trees. French Lime Blossom falls into that same soap trap, but worse than usual because of the weird clove funk.

To echo Nile_Etland, I've had this as a candle and really enjoyed it, but I don't like it as a perfume after the first minute or two.

Simple lime blossom with some herbal note. It's supposed to be tarragon. Very feminine, but not very interesting. Still it's fresh and wearable for spring and summer.

Perhaps because it is finally Spring, this scent got my notice. It also got my attention because I found it in a thrift shop for $1.50....but, I digress. I first tried this on a warm evening, and found it refreshing: light, without being either too flowery or too citrus-y on me. It lasted about 2 1/2 hours, and then needed a re-spritz. I quite like it, and know that Jo Malone encourages "layering", so we will see. But it is SO different from my normal (albeit strange) group of scents, that I wonder, is it just because it's Spring?

defianately unisex. light iris mixed well with the lime. very discreet and fresh smell. great longevity out of my sample. similiar to mugler's cologne. definately limey!!

The lime blossom takes the foreground straight away, and being the blossom there is no actual citrus scent in it. I get the discretely-flowery note mixed with the bergamot but with little tarragon on me. There is a quiet freshness with adequate depth and substance. As in most of Jo Malone's fragrances, it is close to my skin, with poor projection and silage, and more designed for layering. A good longevity of about four hours.

I just discovered this wonderful fragrance and it has replaced all versions of Shalimar as my favorite summer set and maybe all year scent. I wear it with Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia. Everyone seems to compliment me on this scent. That has never happened to me before. I'm quite surprised that one reviewer said they had to scrub it off (why would you want to?) as it does not last that long on me so I keep applying it every 2 or 3 hours. That would be my only criticism. This is just such a lovely scent and maybe my all time favorite when you marry it with the Vintage Gardenia.

Too sweet, too sickly, not interesting enough to put on your skin and a drydown that requires scouring powder and several hours scrubbing to remove.Love the scented candle however.

DIVINE fragrance. It went straight from my test list to my OWN IT list: Thank you, thank you, thank you, BN member Warum, who recommended this fragrance to me after I inquired in the forums about female fragrances with prominent Beeswax notes. Warum did not care for the top and mid notes (and wished me luck on these in JM FLB); however she appreciated the base note (beeswax.) Yes, I'm in luck, because I do love linden blossom. Tried it on in Nordstroms at Easton in Columbus, OH and immediately was transported back to a few weeks ago, an almost enchanted evening walk across the street under my neighbors' linden trees. To be honest, I do not yet appreciate the beeswax note, but I am enamored anyways with FLB. And now I am introdeced to the wonderful world of Jo Malone as well! Thanks again, Basenotes!!

The lime blossom, tilleul, linden, basswood: Whatever you call it, the massive blooming of the trees is one of the greatest olfactory treasures in the world, in my experience. As far as I'm concerned, this yearly performance of nature is olfactorily challenged only by the blooming of myriads of lilac bushes or rows upon rows of the Osmanthus hedge. As for me, I can't decide which one of the three floral events I prefer. However it is easy to decide about this fragrance: French Lime Blossom just doesn't accomplish… in its efforts to achieve simplicity and directness, it loses sight of its intention. It fails to distill the massiveness that occurs in nature down to the rustic purity of the a few small blossoms… it is too one-dimensional and makes nature's incredible happening just a trifle boring.

Fragrance notes: sweet lime blossom, bergamot, tarragon, (probably iris).No surprise, this is a powdery floral. Not very citrus-y. This is a romantic, beautiful scent. The tarragon is very restrained herbal background to the lovely white blossoms. I'd say it is mostly for women, and yet I can appreciate it (though am unlikely to wear it myself). It has a haunting depth that intrigues me. I suspect there is iris in here, making that sort of contribution.

I liked it a lot when I first purchased it, but I have grown tired of it. It's a nice scent, but not fab.

Greens, lime, and some perhaps some type of white floral. French Lime Blossom is fresh, linden-like, and simple. There really is no base accord to it. Unpretentious. Like it or not.

The energy of this fragrance is in the same genre' as Les Meteorites (Guerlain) and Amazing Grace (Philosophy). French Lime Blossom is squeaky clean; pure. This fresh and downright girly scent dries down to a sweet, slightly powdery citrus. In the early 80's Bain de Soleil made an orange tanning gelee' that had a distinctly similar me a sort of "carefree" feeling! FLB is youthful ~ an enjoyable retreat.

I received a sample of JL French Lime Blossom from a lovely swapper. I note this because Jo Malone is not a fragrance line I would have gone out of my way to meet. JM's fragrance names are so unimaginative, so uninspiring... (not that I have unreasonably high expectations!) After five days of sniffing the sample vial, I finally decided that today would be the day to test it on my skin. To my surprise, my skin actually liked it and turned it into something nicer than it seems to be. In the vial, it smells exactly like lime-scented liquid dish detergent. I'm still amazed that it has mellowed so nicely on MY skin, which inevitably turns each and every citrusy floral scent I dare try into a Demeter. (Love it and leave it, baby!) JM French Lime blossom wears surprisingly well, and reminds me of visiting my aunt in Florida, who has a house surrounded by lime trees...and alligators, but I digress. The tarragon note might be key here... something keeps the scent from becoming too sharp, while remaining citrusy green, clean, and floral. It may be that I've found my summer (and possibly spring) '07 scent.

I should like this more, but I don't. On me it's starts loud and sharp and then. . .well, there is no dry down. It smells exactly the same way for 12 hours. No softening, no deepening. Just the same yelling of lime leaf and what seems to be strong soap. The body wash, however, is totally different. Lots of soft bubbles in a sexy, soft scent.

This is a very simple, pretty scent. It's certainly a soapy fragrance as previously noted in these reviews. It reminds me of those decorative soap balls that my mother put out for company but that no one, even company, dared touch. I can't explain why I like to wear it since that's not the sexiest image; but it has something very appealing to me. I find Jo Malone's scents do not have any kind of lasting power. While this one lasts a little longer than others, it has faded to nothingness in two or three hours. As I said, I really like it; but I must be allergic to linden, and I can't wear it at all anymore.

Cloying, nasty, ucky. A swanky sales lady at Neiman's kept trying to tell me this was "just the scent for me," based I guess on some instant assessment of my looks and clothing style. Could not have been more mistaken.

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