French Lilac fragrance notes

    • lilac, magnolia leaf, heliotrope, ylang ylang, hyacinth, nectarine

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Latest Reviews of French Lilac

Definitely try the body butter; I find it more realistic and less grassy than the solid or the spray EdT. The body butter has a strong scent which is quite long lasting; the solid wears much too close to the skin. Four stars for the body butter; 2 for the solid or EdT. If you are looking for the best lilac perfume, I can't recommend a better one than Highland Lilac of Rochester. I would layer that one with the Pacifica body butter.
6th July 2010
This fragrance is a good, strong stink.It is a Lilac soliflore with a pleasant, bottom-heavy blatancy.No multiple notes, no time development, just a vibrant, midrange quality Lilac.And sometimes, that's just what you want.
5th March 2010