According to Lauder, this scent is a "Charismatic Floral", and contains three accords: Exhilerating Aura, Impulsive Blossoms and Modern Sensuality.

Freedom for Her fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Citrus Sorbet, Watercress, Quince
  • Heart

    • Cucumber blossom, "Silk Tree Natureprint", Asian Ginger
  • Base

    • Satin wood

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I loved this fragrance from first whiff. It is so clean and fresh and reminds me of summer. My husband on the other hand dislikes this and tells me I smell of salad!! Not very sexy, so I only wear this when I am with my girlfriends.
19th March 2007
Just "meh" for me - I really like other of the Hilfiger fragrances for women but this one is blandly watery and just not all that special. The cuke note is far and away the most apparent and gives the whole thing an aquatic sensibility; I would never in a zillion years have classified this as a floral. The watercress - sharp, a little bitter - and zingy ginger do come through but to what effect, I don't know. I can't say I love them together in this overall composition. And the nuances of the quince and "silk tree natureprint" - ? Missing, even if I did know what silk tree natureprint was supposed to smell like! If you want a really good Hilfiger scent for women, skip this and go for Tommy Girl or even True Star. Both of those outshine this one.
14th September 2005