Freedom fragrance notes

    • pink grapefruit, palmarosa, rosewood, magnolia, rose, peppercorn, australian sandalwood, ambrette seed, benzoin

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As with most perfumes I always buy their samples first before i commit to buying the full bottle. So I bought One Seed sample pack for AUD49 consisting 7 vials of different scents.
Most of the time I will like the fragrance. But in all honesty I did not like any of these fragrances. I literally had to scrub off the fragrance. It has this piss smell at the dry down. All of the scents! I'm not sure if it's just me, So if I dont like any scents I will ask some of my friends to buy it from me. Almost always everyone will buy it. But this time no one wants it. Once they smell it they are all nauseating! So now i am stuck with the pack no one wants to buy. Complete waste of money !!!
20th May 2018