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Profumum for Osswald (2022)

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Freccia 1921 by Profumum

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Freccia 1921 is a homage to the 100-year history of the Osswald perfumery. The fragrance is inspired by the first creation of the founder, Boris Dreiding, who sewed the recipe for his almond hand cream "Arrow" into his jacket pocket for his escape from Moldova. The nostalgic masterpiece was created together with Pro Fvmvm Roma. Almonds, roses, heliotrope, jasmine, ylang-ylang, vanilla, musk and patchouli envelop you in a pleasantly warm atmosphere and take you back to the golden 20s, when Boris was looking for and finding happiness in Zurich.

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Another gorgeous gourmand from Profumum Roma. This house does almond so well. If Dolce Acqua is their summertime almond, then this is her springtime sister. The strongest notes are heliotrope, almond and vanilla, followed by a very gentle rose, airy musk and only a whisper of ylang ylang. The other notes, I cannot really detect. If the thought of almond tea cakes topped with rosy powdered sugar appeals to you, then you’ll love this! As an aside, this does not have their typically fierce sillage, but is also not shy- it has just the right amount of oomph.

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