Frankfurt Kitchen fragrance notes

    • peppermint, osmanthus, cocoa, coffee, honey, vanilla, resins

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My impression I get from this scent:Imagine a Frankfurt kitchen (designed in 1926 for people with low income) in a 1926 bauhaus style building. A warm evening sun shines throught the window, illuminating a bakelite bowl on the kitchen table filled with apples, bananas, apricots and plums. You approach the kitchen table. You notice the scent of the overripe fruits as you rouse all the hidden fruit flies.Try if you like dried fruit scents.
13th April 2009
The juice in the bottle is a pleasant dark amber colour and promises olfactory delights. However, I didn't expect what I smelled at all! To my nose. it starts with cherry liqueur, very reminiscent of Kirschwasser...slowly, it glides into dried raisins soaked in alcohol. I had high hopes for the osmanthus note, but alas, it is completely lost in this strong boozy stage. When the scent eventually dries down, I smell a base reminding me of PotL, I could swear I'm smelling woods, incense, and a slight nuance of almond. I think there's a good amount of natural components in this fragrance, especially the middle stage smells somewhat "herbal" in the background. Concentration is remarkable and longevity is very good. But IMO, nothing to write home about
24th December 2008