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Violet fragrances are typically all leaf (greener, watery), or all petal (sweeter, powdery, woody-floral). Alberto Morillas refused to choose and created a fragrance in equilibrium. The result is a gorgeous, delicate work of art that stays close to the skin and feels clean and resplendent all at once.

Fragile Violet fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Yellow mandarin, White tea, Mulberry
  • Heart

    • Purple violet, Lotus, Wisteria
  • Base

    • Atlas cedarwood, Liquid amber, Feather musk

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Latest Reviews of Fragile Violet

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Has kind of a bitter opening with the Mandarin and tea. The lotus and wisteria crowd right in the mix. Bitterness recedes. I get violet leaf. The lotus is strong, for me.

Cedar, amber, and musk base is pleasant. Not too woody. Not sweet. Overall this perfume is "okay" for everyday casual wear. Not what I expected from its name.
11th November 2018
The opening starts of with a herbal-orange impression, but soon a somber and slightly earthy violet develops that firms the core part of this creation. Not the typical violet and quite interesting, but unfortunately on my skin it does not last for very long and soon is pushed aside by a floral, sweetish note and a hint of light musk tones.

The performance is indeed a bit fragile, with very soft sillage, limited projection and four hours of longevity on me. In spite of liberal application it does not shed a certain dullness in my skin, especially in the earlier phases. Still, in spring and for the lover of violet fragrances this one might be of interest. 2.75/5
8th October 2015