Trust JPG to package a scent as a snowglobe: the cheapest, tackiest thing in the world! -- Luckily, he gets away with it.
The scents main ingredient is tuberose.

Fragile fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Sweet Orange, Raspberry Leaves
  • Heart

    • Tuberose, Pimento Berry, Pink Pepper
  • Base

    • Cedarwood, Violetwood, Crystalline Musk

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A sexy goddess walking down a moonlit tropical a garden after a rain. The air is filled with a lush sweet perfume. She sits down on a bench and just takes a deep breath of the intoxicating flowers and her eyes close. This is a perfume that take you to another world. A tuberose and white floral bomb both sweet, fresh and heady. Like a sexier version of yourself on a summer holiday dancing in a tropical garden.

This is not a delicate floral spray, but rather a rich heady bouquet with a base of powdery musky notes for nice balance on the dry down. This is very nice fleshy tuberose. It's indolic at the start and stays so far a while. It emphasizes the "womanity" in every woman. No seriously this should be named womanity. Sorry Mugler! Perfect for date night, Fragile is how a woman who's aware of her inner queen smells like. Performance is great.
28th June 2021
there is nothing wrong with this beautifull creation! ;-) i love it WAY more then his sassy Classique or Madame (blagh) wich is more water then perfumerather purchase this one then one of his newer ones, trust me on this one :-pfragile has amazing staying power wich i can't say from his first and latest perfume I heard rumors that this is gonna be a discontinued (to be)?? Well im gonna purchase it very soon before it runs out Thumbs Up for this elegant,romantic,sexy perfume!
5th December 2009

I tested it yesterday and was in tumult - to buy or not to buy. Fragile is a democratic tuberose for those who can't bear it's bloody animalic creamy fragrance(as in Caron's tuberose for instance). It is not a soliflore surely. It is just a polite idea of tuberose. It won't irritate people arround you. I did not buy it. May be because I wanna smell like true tuberose - non-wearbale and unbearable.
27th June 2009
Hideous and confused tuberose in the same vein as Amarige. I haven't actually encountered this on anyone in person, thank God.
17th April 2009
I'm struck not only by the polar oppositeness of the two different presentations of jasmine, but also by the alliterative similarity of the names: Fracas => Fragile. Fragile is a softer, more modern Fracas. Personally, I'm such a fan of Fracas that I find this a a bit of a bore, but it is very good interpretation and it is nicely put together. Its modernness has a definite appeal and is creatively impressive. If you want TUBEROSE, get Fracas… if you want tuberose petite with a more modern bite, Fragile is certainly more than good enough to merit investigation.
25th January 2009
Tacky packaging, great fragrance!My girlfriend has this and the Eau de Toilette version.I prefer this one: can detect everything in this perfume - although I am usually more turned by things like Opium and Chanel No. 5, I like this one very much.Feminine, makes a statement, and doesn't go overboard with the florals. Does it quite nicely.Unlike certain other fragrances, the Tuberose in this is not too sweet, but somewhat natural smelling.The main reason why I like this concentration more, is because the EdT reminds me a little of Paris by YSL.$$$Still, very nice, makes a statement, romantic.
25th June 2007
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