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Fragrance Republic (2014)

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FR! 01/08 by Fragrance Republic

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FR! 01/08 is a shared scent launched in 2014 by Fragrance Republic

Fragrance notes.

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There are 1 reviews of FR! 01/08 by Fragrance Republic.

A sickly sweet opening for yet another watery fruitchouli, but this one is dominated by a gummy-bear style apricot. Any actual osmanthus–a material that has some apricot characteristics of its own–is drowned out by the syrupy sweet chord that overruns the scent for the first ten minutes. However, it does seem to emerge later in unison with the earthy base. For as nauseating as the opening is, it's interesting enough. On par with some of the louder department store florals although it fades to a musky apricot skin scent thing scarily fast.

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