Forever and Ever Dior fragrance notes

  • Head

    • ivy leaves, freesia petals, water jasmine
  • Heart

    • rose, almond blossoms, geranium
  • Base

    • vanilla, musk, ambrette seeds

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This is a lovely modern "pink" rose fragrance with a touch of pink pepper. It's a light and not too overwhelming floral, and the jasmine is not too indolic. It does dry down with a healthy dose of white musk, which eventually becomes stronger than the floral notes. It has excellent longevity, with four small squirts lasting about 12 hours. If fruity florals aren't your thing, but you enjoy the idea of a floral with a clean, modern approach, give it a try.
6th July 2016
Light and pleasant 3/5 StarsThe latest version:The top notes are flowery and light, with rose and geranium in the drydown continiung this trend. A white musk in the base again is not heavy at all, and it is the vanilla that provides a bit more depth and sweetness without being cloying. On my skin silage and projection are poor, with a longevity of about two hours. Great for warmer days if one does not mind the sweetness in the base.
24th September 2013

Soft and feminine fragrance Purchased this in the duty free on the way back to Doha. I picked Forever And Ever Dior because the description contained base notes that I normally like. This is a clean scented-floral that is uncomplicated. The scent is sweet like an ambrosia, but not like confectionery scents. I think Forever And Ever Dior is more clean than sweet, and I wear it as an everyday perfume. Forever And Ever Dior is light and has no lasting power beyond a few hours.   I was surprised to read in Base Notes that this scent contains musk which usually overpowers the perfume application after a few hours. Surprisingly, I don't find this a problem with Forever And Ever Dior. Nice scent, just not as vibrant as other florals that I've tried.Pros: clean smellingCons: Does not last beyond a few hours
23rd May 2013
The many different versions of Forever and Ever is enough to make me dizzy. The version I'm reviewing is the most current release.

Forever and Ever, while not something that I would personally buy, is one of the most pleasant soapy florals I've tried as of late.

I wore this fragrance to a yoga class last week and I was amazed at how many people commented on how lovely and clean it smelt. Even my sweetheart loved it, and he's usually more accustomed to my dark, earthier scents.

While simplistic, Forever and Ever wears prettily and can lean towards being a romantic scent. It is often said that a majority of men prefer a clean, subtle scent on a woman, and this fragrance achieves this without being overly synthetic or too generic.

The lasting power is quite outstanding, however the sillage is extremely intimate, airy almost. When I wore it, it almost felt as if I wasn't wearing any perfume at all. The only reminder was a waft of soft rose and jasmine when I lifted my arm up past my nose in a salute to the sun.

If you're a big fan of soapy, clean florals I would definitely recommend Forever and Ever. To my nose, it is a very pretty, 'pink' and innocent floral, geared towards any woman of any age, either young or old.
22nd March 2012
My sweetie brought this home from overseas as one of the scents he'd love on me...mission accomplished Marine...I love it!!
14th January 2012
This might be the lightest one in Dior family. Compared with Dior early items, this is not typical Dior. However it's delicate. Last weekend i toured in a Sephora store in Beijing. Most vistors asked for fresh and delicate floral scent. There're many brands and Kenzo is always highly recommended. No.2 is BLV Tea series. i feel this Forever and ever dior new also deserves a try.

It lasts 8 hours. really. Wispy... but you can catch it.
9th June 2011
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