Forever and Ever fragrance notes

    • wild roses, vanilla, musk

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Vanilla and rose greets me in the opening, a simple combination but quite well done and not sickly sweet on my skin. Layer a hit of gentle spice mixes with a pleasant musk impression. Good longevity, about six hours, with moderate sillage and adequate projection.

The rose his not top, lighter, on the brighter side and overall my scire is just at the border between neutral and positive - so to me it's the latter - just, giving it he benefit of the doubt.
25th June 2015
rarely good scent for great price, it was so lovely, but discontinued, geranium gave it extra kick i liked so much, very floral , but not overly sweet,

it was longlasting scent, and femminine, and smelled so natural, when i finished my bottle i wanted to have more!! this rarely happens to me, sadly it was just limited edition!!
1st November 2012

I liked the bottle & purchased it on flight, but am not so fond of the scent itself. The scent bit sharper than I expected. Good for freshing up after sports.
19th January 2007
This is one of my favorites. It's a sweet floral bouquet - like steping into a particurally beautiful and fragrant florists. Those who like non-sugary florals should try it.
17th October 2006