Forest fragrance notes

    • bergamot, sage, cedarwood

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Cedar done right, not too much o n the pencil shavings. Similar to Tommy Bahama's cedar, but through a green forest instead of a salty rum.

Clean but not soapy,
Green but not sharp,

Very nice!
23rd July 2021
In frag comm end times
All things become Aventus
To some small degree

View not with sadness
This great singularity
But rather rejoice

That one is now all
And all are now one, by our
Perception alone

Likeness to likeness
To likeness to likeness to
Likeness to likeness

Thus letting us see
Aventus in all things good
And the goodness in

All things Aventus
Let not your hearts be troubled
By those rumors of

Other fragrances
To which things might be likened
There is little need

For such division
Although it might be said that
This is a nice one

For its own reasons
Not the least of which is some
Minor resemblance

To Aventus clones
But let us not burden these
Planetary ones

With their own new moon
But instead describe this new
Little green planet

In its own fair terms
Its pleasant powdery base
Just woody enough

But not too much so
Is free of all scratchiness
Thus making it quite

Pleasant to the nose
That tires of splintery fare
Persistent as well

Without losing form
A worthy skin scent remains
For a day or two

A wee bit of some
Coniferous greenery
Piques through the powder

Without detracting
From the soft comforts thereof
Thus earning the name

Pleasing to the wife
When so many other scents
Leave her hardly moved

I find this fragrance
As enjoyable as some
Men's fragrance by Creed

Which I would mention
If the name did not escape
Me at this moment.
21st July 2021

Thumbs way up!!!! I got this scent for Christmas of 2020. I love the smell. Very much a green scent. It reminds me of a Cologne that I would find at a Neiman Marcus instead of Bath and Bodyworks. It's a shame that they discontinued it. If you can find it, definitely purchase a bottle you won't regret it.
26th June 2021