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Jacques Bogart (1998)

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Force Majeure by Jacques Bogart

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Reviews of Force Majeure by Jacques Bogart

A smooth-synthetic masculine from the nineties, this harsh ozone and green woody musk has a saving grace; it’s dirt cheap - and bonus - it smells a bit like Good Life.

Stardate 20190702:

A decent masculine oriental. Not nuclear at all which is a refreshing change.
I find it not as good as others in this category in similar price range - Arpege PH, Cristobal Homme.
Not bad if you can find it for cheap.

One part Kanon, one part One Man Show's musty spice, a dash of vanilla in the base, citrus rind. Not awful but not on par with Bogart's better offerings(OMS, De Viris, Signature).

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