Forbidden Euphoria 
Calvin Klein (2011)

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Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein

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Forbidden Euphoria is a women's perfume launched in 2011 by Calvin Klein

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Reviews of Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein

There are 7 reviews of Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

A pleasant enough fruity opening. Syrupy. I like this combo of fruit. It's a bit different from others I've tried / smelled. It reminds me of something in my past. The fruit-flavor is long-lasting.

Eventually, the florals appear. Creamy. Orchid is especially front and center... Cashmere "woods" move in. They aren't overly loud, thank goodness. Mellow patchouli and a moderate musk make this frag pretty good, for a designer offering. Three and a half stars.

A fruity sweet floral...

Not surprisingly, with notes such as raspberry, orchid, mandarin orange, white musk, patchouli, peony & jasmine... this is the definition of a fruity floral.

Is that a bad thing? No. Not if you are looking for one. I have not tried the original Euphoria but this one doesn't seem to have what it takes to be a big hit, or even memorable. I agree that it smells nice and you would certainly "fit in" with the current trends of fruity floral fragrances for women. But I can't help feeling like I expected more from this one. It's an okay fragrance, just nothing really special or ground-breaking.

Very very fruity at the start, drying down to something pretty close to the original Euphoria. Nice but I still prefer the original, I might be tempted by this when the spring comes, as its definitely more suitable for warmer weather. If you find Euphoria rather strong or heavy then Forbidden will be perfect for you.

Nice and interesting fresh fruity punch for girls after school class...

Thumbs up...!!!

Unlike its predessor, we have a fragrance easy to forget, especially considering the many similarities it has with other creations.
The exit is synthetic, and the longevity is poor, so the drydown is almost not there.

This perfume smells nice, but as leociccone says it doesn't seem particularly "original" or "new." On me, it's almost all top notes and mostly comes across smelling like a freshly peeled orange. Very pleasant, but I'm not sure if I want to wear it as my signature scent.

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