Folie Douce 
Grès (1997)


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Reviews of Folie Douce by Grès

There are 2 reviews of Folie Douce by Grès.

I have a bottle of Folie Douce in the EDT, and would love to chime in with another positive review, but sadly cannot. By no means is this a terrible fragrance, but to my nose it starts off beautifully then falls flat after just a few minutes.

As the wonderful Hillaire has noted, Folie Douce is primarily a sweet, creamy mimosa fragrance. The effervescent opening notes are indeed reminiscent of Champs Elysees - and I do love that scent! However, Folie Douce's sparkle disappears way too soon, leaving somewhat flat, sickly sweet dregs (blackcurrant plus ylang ylang?).

When the basenotes kick in, things improve somewhat: the dull-sweet, 'fruity' aspect is joined - and somewhat tempered by – notes of sandalwood, cedar and musk (notes according to Fragrantica).

In summary, a potentially lovely scent, but I just can't love its middle phase.
Mar 30, 2012

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