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Folavril by Annick Goutal

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Folavril is a women's perfume launched in 1981 by Annick Goutal

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There are 12 reviews of Folavril by Annick Goutal.

Like being lifted in a gust of warm wind and dropped on some fantasy island - where the fruits and flowers are large and lush.
Mango, lily flower and ylang-ylang banana exalt the senses, while tangy tomato leaf cuts through the creaminess, and there's a dusting of woody castor sugar to bring you back (a bit closer) to earth.
If I was being cast away on a desert island, this is the luxury I would take, and I would be happily marooned there - as long as the (oversized) bottle held out; the most fragrant Robinson Crusoe there ever was.

Apparently the well-named Folavril was Goutal's first in a strain of luminous, vernal, fruity green florals that the house has come to do very well. The more recent Eau du Ciel, Le Chèvrefeuille, Eau de Camille, and Eau de Charlotte are all of the same lineage. Folavril leans close to Le Chèvrefeuille, with its suggestion of honeysuckle, tomato leaf, and fresh herbs, but it's more assertively green and herbaceous, with fleeting hints of basil, tarragon, chervil, and thyme.

Folavril's floral elements evolve into a green jasmine and woody-fruity violet accord, while the herbaceous notes contribute a minty chill that smells to me almost like a subtler variant of the wintergreen effect that makes Serge Lutens's Tubéreuse Criminelle so compellingly weird. The effect is much less jarring and peculiar in this context than when set against lush, tropical florals, but there is a soapy aspect to Folavril's herbal bouquet which can smell distractingly chemical with that cold breeze blowing through it. The hint of household cleaner isn't conspicuous enough to derail the whole composition, but younger siblings Eau de Ciel and Le Chèvrefeuille do smell more natural and rounded than Folavril. The mentholated floral accord persists for a good three or four hours on my skin, before folding down into a soapy, clean, skin musk drydown.

Men looking for a crisp, bright alternative to the overworked aquatics and fruity fougères would do well to give Folavril a try. It smells very gender-neutral, casual, and youthful to me, and it'll get you that fresh out of the shower, squeaky-clean feeling you're after. You just have to get past Goutal's frilly bottle…

I bought Folavril blind, because it's hard to resist grabbing a bargain Goutal. My initial impression was that F isn't readily distinguishable from other Goutals featuring citrus, herbal, green and tomato stem notes.

However, I just sprayed some Folavril on my arm to smell it properly and - quelle horreur! - it's like I've rubbed a damp handful of laundry detergent powder into my skin. The sour-detergent smell is particularly obvious with my nose directly over the sprayed area. I'm sure it smells like an actual detergent I've encountered which has an intense fake-lemon note.

My eyes were starting to redden, so I tried washing Folaril off my arm, but even soap wouldn't budge the detergent note. Tenacious stuff!

Having said all the above, Folavril's general sillage is actually quite lovely (the offending detergent note must have limited projection), so I'm thinking that this *could* be OK if sprayed only on the lower half of my body.

Folavril - the tart yet plush green of tomato leaf , the hint of lush mango and an ethereal jasmine note . Soft, sweet ( like Eau de Charlotte but not so jammy ,dense and sticky ) Citrus comes out later . It is a melody . So , I found the Goutal I can wear every day . Passion has changed and it is very heavy . Eau de Charlotte is gorgeous but my first pick is this.
It IS a beauty . Yes there is soapiness and I love my soap . Quite tenacious for an eau de toilette and for a Goutal.

I have always loved Folavril. To me it smells of a wet rainy early-April day on the Champs in Paris. A grey, rainy day with the buds just starting to burst on the trees.Fol promises the blooming of the scents to come. It is the true arrival of spring.Wet with the promise of fragrance to come. A truly unique scent.

This one has gotten such great press - not to mention great wear - from several esteemed basenoters. I ended up buying a bottle blindly, and don't regret it one bit! Having read somewhere that Folavril was Goutals' first creation, I wish I would have tried it years ago. It is soapy and fresh. Not sweet, but not dry or bitter either. Delicate, yet has quite good sillage & longevity, particularly for it's genre. Folavril reminds me of the childrens' bubble blowing liquid that comes in a plastic bottle with the circle wand. Pucker up, blow, and giggle with delight at the array of fairy like bubbles floating around! Uplifting and light hearted, I cannot imagine this fragrance being worn without a smile as an accompaniment!

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