Fol Arôme Parfum is a limited edition of 964 bottles available worldwide. 

At Guerlain, the History of Fragrance is written in the present tense. With the Legendary Fragrances, Guerlain invites you to (re)discover forgotten olfactory treasures, recomposed as faithfully as possible by the House of Guerlain Perfumer.

Paris, 1912. The joie de vivre of the Belle Époque enchants the streets of the City of Light. A fresh new spirit inspires the greatest artists and creators of the era. Swept up in all this turn-of-the-century excitement, Jacques Guerlain creates Fol Arôme (“Mad Aroma”), a composition well ahead of its time.

An irreverent and unexpected fragrance that lives up to the madness of its name, blazing a trail as it dares to play upon the ambiguity of gender. A thundering encounter where the powdery floral heart of iris, carnation, and rose confronts the invigoratingly fresh aromatic notes of sage and lavender, deemed more masculine.

Today, House of Guerlain Perfumer Thierry Wasser has decided to resurrect this lost scent in an exceptional, numbered limited edition, that once again dons an Art Nouveau case of its era. The signature Inverted Heart Bottle designed for both Fol Arôme and L'Heure Bleue—its more sensibly structured olfactory alter ego— features a label and traditional "barbichage" brushed silk techniques: the final touch bestowed by the Guerlain Ateliers’ “Dames de Table”.

Fol Arôme (2020) fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mint, bergamot, peach, lavender
  • Heart

    • rose, narcissus, jasmine grandiflorum, sage
  • Base

    • vanilla, carnation, cassia, iris

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