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    • Bulgarian rose, Pepper, Vanilla, Violet, Incense, Musk

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This is my dream come true - too bad I found out about it far too late.

The original Flower is a wonderful accord of iso e super, Hedione, and heliotropin. "Oriental" (I have a feeling this title won't age well) adds a big slug of dark, patchouli-rich amber. Somehow the whole thing continues to remain transparent and delicate. It projects well, lasts decently, and is so easy to wear.

Almost working in reverse, this opens with a big blast of headshop amber that'll keep the moths at bay. It eventually quiets enough to let the original Flower poke through. I find it surprisingly easy to wear, even in the heat. It's also nice to layer with the OG and some of the other flankers, like Le Parfum and Winter Flower.

If you're lucky enough to snag a bottle, please do. I wish I had stocked up when I could.
13th August 2022
Kenzo Flower Oriental is very similar to the original Kenzo Flower, with the only difference being its spicy additives.

Opening quite strongly and indeed sharply, Kenzo Flower Oriental wasn't overly pleasant on the skin in the first five minutes of wearing it. It took a while for the scent to settle.

When settled, this fragrance became powdery, but not in a baby powder or a soft, flowery talcum powder way. Kenzo Flower Oriental smells like dirty powder. That's right, a powdery scent with an undeniable strangeness.

The smokey spiciness doesn't sit too well with me. It smells a little too synthetic for my liking. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big spicy, incense lover, but this fragrance just doesn't cut it for me.

The lasting power is very good. It lasted on me well into the night. The sillage is also very strong, so please spray lightly.

4th September 2011

I, too, like Oriental Flower more than the original Flower. It has the incense and pepper that give it more kick. It lasts 4 or 5 hours on me which due to rather dry skin, is acceptable to me. I find if I apply a few drops of olive oil on my wrists, the scent lasts longer.
20th September 2010
I love the early morning; the silence and solitude before anyone else wakes up; the early dew on the grass, the golden sunrise and warmth peering through the clouds, like an angel kiss on the cheek. It's the promise of a new day, where anything is possible, when you wake up and say, "Today's the day I accomplish my dreams!" I always begin my day the same way, but it wasn't until I moved that it really became a special ritual. It's this precise moment, this feeling of drinking in the morning, that this perfume evokes.My neighbor's are chinese and the grandmother doesn't speak a word of English. She and I are the only two people awake in the early hours. She quietly lights her chinese incense and practices Tai Chi in her backyard amidst the jasmine, chrysanthemums and roses, while I am in my backyard practicing my Qi Gong. It took me a few months after I moved in to figure out what that beautiful heavenly smell was, and now I can't start my day without it. It's the combination of the sunrise, the morning dew, the incense, the flowers, the ancient healing movements, and the peaceful state of mind that guarantees that I'll have a beautiful day and that I'm blessed.For me, this perfume was like walking into that scene. I smell the flowers first, then I am left with a lingering halo of incense and resins. I truly wish this was available in a perfume so that it would last much longer, but then I'm afraid it might be too heavy and would lose it's angel wing quality of lightness.
13th August 2010
I too like it better than the original. I don't perceive any shared notes - definitely no candied violets in this one - but they do share a sort of similar, "dense", powdery sweetness. This is an oriental with sugar and spice, vanilla and peppery hot notes and some actually quite skanky musk. Although I think it smells good and especially appreciate the spices and musk, I think the fragrance is too strong and sweet, verging on nauseating.
9th June 2009
I like this version of Kenzo Flowers more than the original. The Oriental has a bit more spice and pepper. Still heaps of powder and definite vanilla - but all in all, an interesting fragrance. Not for sweet freaks or gourmand lovers - (Britney lovers beware). KimChi's review is excellent.
30th June 2007
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