FlowerbyKenzo L'Elixir fragrance notes

    • raspeberry, bulgarian rose, bourbon vanilla, praline

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The year this came out, the brand actually gifted it to me… as I was an influencer in another life. And I thought, back then, that it was okay. Kinda boring. I would reach for it occasionally, and then, like always, find myself bored by it. I eventually put it aside and didn’t come back to it again until this year.

And wow, there is something to be said for not dismissing things you disliked in the past. This fragrance has definitely grown on me. The most prominent note to me is raspberry. A little on the Candy side, but still a bit deep and sweet. Then, it’s powder. A nice, pretty comforting powder that’s somewhere in between makeup powder, baby powder, and confectioners sugar. I do also get a hint of praline, but it’s not a strong note like it usually is in fragrances that have that note. And finally… rose… but I don’t really get rose. To me, it comes across as a vague impression of a rose. I do think floral, but I don’t necessarily think, “oh, that’s rose!”

Overall, this is a joy to wear. I would say that if you’re a fan of raspberry as a note, this is a must have. The closest fragrance I can think of to it, is VS Scandalous, but it’s definitely not a dupe.

This is a guilty pleasure type of fragrance. The kind that you find yourself repeatedly drawn to, and a great one for comfort on chilly days.

Longevity is average at around 3-4 hrs. Projection is the low side of moderate. It’s not quite a skin scent, but it’s definitely not loud either.

7th November 2022
Floral and gourmand, with a powdery feel that makes it elegant enough, and a fruity acidity that prevents it from being cloying. No love at first sniff, but very pleasant and comforting for a flight.
16th September 2019

Gourmand Flower. I don't hate it, but it don't like it, either. It's like Flower with Craisins or cranberry jelly. It smells more like an unusual holiday candle than it does a beautiful personal fragrance. Pass.
9th October 2017