FlowerbyKenzo Le Parfum fragrance notes

    • opoponax, white musk, vanilla, almond, Bulgarian rose

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Flower Le Parfum opens with the incense-like sharpness as the original Flower. For the first hours, I can detect a slight play-doh scent due to vanilla + almond. At this stage it's like hiding Hypnotic Poison under the signature sharpness of Flower. Towards the drydown, it smells very close to the original to my nose, just more intensive and a little warmer due to the presence of amber.

The original Flower is "ghostly", always there but never in a solid form. However, Flower le Parfum, though more intense, is still "ghostly" IMO. Although I love Flower, thus love Flower le Parfum, I have to admit that these two are too similar to own both, unless you're a die-hard fan or you got a bargain.
29th December 2018
I've been on my second bottle of this for about 10 years. It's got similar DNA to Flower the original, but a medicinal almond and opoponax take center stage. And it isn't as powdery. It's languid and resinous. Syrupy, even. But it's more Robitussin than Log Cabin. I like wearing this one along with Flower as a base layer for it. It's also cozy in the winter as a stand-alone.
23rd April 2018