FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Lumière fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot
  • Heart

    • bulgarian rose, jasmine
  • Base

    • white musk

Latest Reviews of FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Lumière

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I get no reference to the original, and as a stand-alone fragrance, it just can't cut it as more than for someone who doesn't want to offend. Which I find most offensive of all - lack of creativy.
4th July 2022
Bright and fruity, this is still a Flower flanker, but it represents a significant departure from the original Flower DNA. The fruit is mostly vague citrus, and I do not perceive it as the listed Bergamot. The jasmine also significantly changes the Flower character. This is pretty and summery, but it's like a lot of what's out there, unfortunately.
9th October 2017

An oceanic blast of "purely synthetic" dazzling floral musky soap. Almost edible irresistible super-radiant synth white musk. Bergamot provides structure and a tad of counteracting twist of "tart balance" in the middle of some milky-musky waves. You could appreciate FlowerbyKenzo Eau de Lumiere if you enjoy the (quite similar, just less floral and more soapy-neutral) italian bath foam Nidra Latte. Rose enhances abstract neutral soapiness while jasmine provides radiancy and floral sophistication. "Candy powdery" elements whirl in the foamy air. A super radiant ethereal "easy" potion more the dignified (on the commercial sphere of synth designers) and powerful on "sensual-innocent" musky jasmine. Long dry down is a tad less musky and slightly saltier and more "neutral-citric".
4th April 2017