Kenzo (2000)

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FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

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This fragrance is available in three sizes (30ml, 50ml and 100ml). Each size represents a different stage in the blooming of a poppy flower.
Bizarrely, the poppy has no scent of its own.

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Reviews of FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

There are 83 reviews of FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo.

There was a nice violet scent on my shirt but on my skin Kenzo Flower developed into a very strong, unpleasant baby powder…

I first tried Kenzo Flower at Sephora over ten years ago when I was just starting to become seriously interested in perfume. I actually recoiled a bit because of how powdery it was. Now, I love soft powdery scents, thought back to my experience with Kenzo Flower over ten years ago, and sought it out. It can currently be found at discounters for a very reasonable price, and who knows when it may be discontinued? It is 20 years old now, after all.

After several wearings, Flower seems to be a bit of a chameleon. Some days it smells more powdery and insular, other days more fresh and clean. This adds to its complexity and makes it more interesting.

The opening has a strong lipstick note. After that, powdery violets. Pretty enough, but not for me.

Opens with a slight melony note(calone given the release date?) and that lipstick smell that sometimes happens with rose/violet perfumes and a bit of a synthetic buzz. It's strange on first try, but its also kind of strange and fun, especially the more wears you give it. Drys down into a lovely powdery rose scent over vanilla and white musk, which really comes in and rounds out the opening. The vanilla never gets cloying or bakery smelling though, and the white musk never gets sharp or too laundry-esque. It smells nice and clean and clear powdery and violet-y. Very nicely done in a very cool bottle. Perfect for spring.

Tons of violet on top; happy little, powdery violets. Rose shines through a moment later. Buzzy sweetness on top overall. Lovely!

The middle and base seem to be as one entity, one blend. There is a muted resinous, balsamic layer intermingled with a creamy musk. There is an aldehyde, hazy blend thrown in here. I'm going to guess it's the "chemical notes" listed for the base. The violets stick around, dancing around the whole time.

A very good and nice soapy floral that performs well. Then, it's nothing special for me. Flowerbykenzo, only flower.

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