Flowerbomb Nectar fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cassis, bergamot, gunpowder
  • Heart

    • jasmine sambac, orange blossom, osmanthus
  • Base

    • patchouli, Tonka bean, vanilla, benzoin

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Latest Reviews of Flowerbomb Nectar

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I am well over 12, and I enjoy this. I only say that because the previous reviewer put an age limit on enjoying this fragrance, and I personally think that anyone at any age could like this. You do need to enjoy sweet scents. But if you do, what you have here is a long lasting, fruity sweet floral gourmand. The florals are a bit muted compared to the sweet notes, but there’s something about this that holds my attention. There is a note present that I can detect really only when I smell my skin at application sites. I think it’s what they were aiming for it to be gunpowder… and I’d say that it’s more gunpowder adjacent. It’s not quite what gunpowder smells like though. At least not to me, or maybe the fruity sweet notes are throwing it off. Either way, it’s still interesting in an otherwise fairly generic scent profile.
2nd January 2023
100% cotton candy floral sweet overload. I don’t get most of the listed notes anywhere in it, though hours later full dry down shows some sugared fruit notes. Totally and utterly not for me. Boring super sugary cotton candy. Where's the gunpowder? This is too sweet for anyone over 12 (at least if they share my skin chemistry)
8th July 2022