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Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

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Flowerbomb is a women's perfume launched in 2005 by Viktor & Rolf

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Reviews of Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

There are 105 reviews of Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

I can understand why people dislike this because it's a LOT. This is a Beast. Not Angel level Beast Mode, but plan your day around it, and get used to smelling it on your jacket for a week. Whatever notes you find stand out, you will get way too much of for way too long unless you apply it carefully. I also find this way too heavy to wear in warm weather. I'm a naturally conservative sprayer, and I'm even more cautious with Flowerbomb. I do one spray under my clothes on my decollete from a foot or two away; one spray in the air and wave my arms in the cloud.

On my skin it's mostly musky, powdery vanilla. No bergamot for me. I don't get fruit exactly, but I can detect the slightly peachy osmanthus. I wasn't expecting to see tea listed in the notes, but it doesn't surprise me because whenever I like a fragrance tea is almost inevitably there like a stalker. There's no trace of anything even vaguely earthy or green or pungent so the patchouli works from home, I guess.

It's definitely not unique but it's pretty, and it does work on my body chemistry. It would be an easy reach if not for the Beast.

This was of one very few fragrances that I have gone gaga over, and for good reason and it was my first taste of a Victor & Rolf fragrance and what an entrance it was a love at first sniff and a utter beast on my skin.

With a load of projection and me feeling swept away and feeling like I could take on the world, this has been one of my many signature scents and I still love it to this day.

Like the name, Flowerbomb is made of two parts - with no rational link between them.
I get the bomb part, although this isn't really a frag bomb as such - it's too restrained for that - and the flowers are way back in the mix ... so neither 'flower' nor 'bomb'.

It sounds better than VanillaBomb though.

The start is good, a JHAG-style black tea and 'cough syrup fruchouli', but the fun runs out - and it fades into a boring woody-musky vanilla.

Thrawn - and winsome: a strange combination, it was -surprisingly- a hit.
it's trying to be all things to all women (and doing a good job of it).

I smell a focus group...

I got a sample of this because perfume critic Chandler Burr likes the stuff, and I agree with a lot of his assessments. This time, though, he's way off base. Flowerbomb is just a total snooze, hard to tell from a hundred others....and it's a snooze in the heavyhanded '80s mode I like least. Ugh.

Sharp opening. Tea note isn't bad. More like a strong tea, with sugar, no cream. The top is nothing really special for me. The heart is better, with a deep floral vibe. Orchid, is lovely and noticeable. Jasmine? Nice. Freesia? Barely here. The rose isn't strong, overdone. Patchouli is sweet. Overall a lovely "designer" frag but, not one I would buy full-bottled.

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