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Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

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Flowerbomb is a women's perfume launched in 2005 by Viktor & Rolf

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Reviews of Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

There are 103 reviews of Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

Like the name, Flowerbomb is made of two different parts - with no rational link between them.
I get the bomb part, although this isn't really a frag bomb as such - it's too restrained for that; and the flowers are way back in the mix ... so neither flower nor bomb.
It sounds better than VanillaBomb though.

The start is good, a JHAG-style black tea and 'cough syrup fruchouli' but the fun runs out when it fades into a boring woody-musky vanilla.

Thrawn - and winsome, it was -surprisingly- a hit :
all things to all women ... I smell a focus group.

Conjures up the essence of MLM boss babes or eau de Karen under sustained olfactory encounters. The hint of diaper wipes and spoiled formula underneath it all is ruinous. However, any negative affect might be overcome for wearers who possess enough self-discipline to keep the volume down. Drive by whiffs on someone else could be pleasant making it greatly depend on how much throttle an individual wearer gives it, and if there are a herd of the Flowerbombed concentrated in one spot. Dose makes the poison here.

I got a sample of this because perfume critic Chandler Burr likes the stuff, and I agree with a lot of his assessments. This time, though, he's way off base. Flowerbomb is just a total snooze, hard to tell from a hundred others....and it's a snooze in the heavyhanded '80s mode I like least. Ugh.

Sharp opening. Tea note isn't bad. More like a strong tea, with sugar, no cream. The top is nothing really special for me. The heart is better, with a deep floral vibe. Orchid, is lovely and noticeable. Jasmine? Nice. Freesia? Barely here. The rose isn't strong, overdone. Patchouli is sweet. Overall a lovely "designer" frag but, not one I would buy full-bottled.

Underwhelming, nondescript flowers and vanilla that somehow manage to be both extraordinarily heavy and extremely light. I received 3mls of this as a free deluxe sample at Sephora and planned to give it away. However, it worked okay when combined with a simple, fresh green scent (I chose Verde by Nest). I might try mixing it with a strong, dry wood next (maybe Cypress Cedar from Banana Republic's Icon Collection).

Overall, I can't give it a full thumbs down just because it's boring to me. I can easily understand its mass market appeal. I see this shining on the right person in the right setting (I imagine a high school girl who never wears makeup or perfume dressing up for her first prom), and I'm a full believer of 'to each his (or her) own.'

Floral sweetness incarnation. Good sillage, projection and longevity, but it gets fastly uninteresting.

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