Flower of Immortality fragrance notes

  • Head

    • white peach, carrot, freesia
  • Heart

    • iris, blackcurrant bud, rose crystal
  • Base

    • tonka bean, vanilla, white musk

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What a beautiful and clear smell! Because of my interest in the peach scent, I've tried many peach perfumes so far and I have to say that "Flower of Immortality" was one of the best I found in this field (along with Liaisons Dangereuses). A crisp rosy fruity scent. It has a joyful feeling due to the natural scent of roses. In this perfume, the fruits retain their freshness and succulence until the end, and at the same time, their smell doesn't become stale and artificial over time. Really balmy and stylish. It can't be said that it's only feminine. Anyone, regardless of gender, can use this pleasing liquid and make himself/herself fragrant. The notes are at the highest quality and there are no disturbing notes that disarrange the order. Sounds usual or familiar but wonderful.
24th October 2021
A lot of fruit. Some flower. Not too much sugar but still cloying. Soapy. Clean in a "I just came out of bath" way Unoriginal. Uninspiring. It doesn't smell bad, at all. But it's not even anything more than nice.

Longevity and sillage are very good.
23rd April 2017

It's that Calyx/Victoria's Secret peach that's in everything, this time paired with the wild juiciness of Byredo's Pulp. It's a bit derivative, but not bad. Then, that pink pepper/patchouli mix that's also in everything wells up underneath. It's only a pleasant soapy, powdery base (instead of the marshmallow vanilla you'd expect from something like this) that saves it from being completely pointless.

It's not that Flower Of Immortality is bad, it's just that it's so precision-engineered to smell unremarkable that I just can't get onboard. Though, to be fair, I may be judging it especially harshly because Kilian used to make such interesting, unique scents that this feels like a desperate money grab coming from them.
2nd May 2015
It is rare that I have to come to the defense of a fragrance. And Flower of Immortality is one of those cases.

First off, this is unisex and not a feminine, and Kilian reps sell it as such.

Second, you really have to love peach to like it. Personally, I love peaches.

Once you get past those two points, this is the perfect summer fragrance for when you're tired of citrus or aquatic fragrances. You've got a peach opening, a floral heart, and a woody vanilla drydown. Different - but it really works. It's a light fragrance with minimal projection, as are all the Asian Tales, but the longevity is on par with that of much stronger fragrances.

Case closed.
26th March 2015
Very cheap smelling floral/peachy thing made for 12 year old girls?

You would be better off (literally) checking out some celebrity florals at a fifth of the price.

Check out Keiko Mercheri's version of peach to see how it should be done

25th February 2015
Genre: Fruity Floral

A pretty floral top note is quickly overtaken by a tide of canned peaches. I once synthesized the ester used in peach flavorings in an organic chemistry lab, and it smelled a lot like this. Sadly, the peach note is insufficiently supported by any contrasting materials, and the result is both simplistic and incomplete.

After a long, long wait, an anemic cassis and rose accord arrives and does what it can to flesh out the olfactory structure, but it's too little and too late. This still feels more like an artificial food flavoring or a candle than a fine perfume, and at By Killian's prices a composition this rudimentary is unconscionable. Smell Mitsouko (even in reformulation) or Bond No. 9's Chinatown for a sense of how peach lactone can function in a fully realized perfume.
23rd June 2014
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