Flower in the Air fragrance notes

  • Head

    • raspberry, pink pepper
  • Heart

    • magnolia, rose
  • Base

    • gardenia, white musk

Latest Reviews of Flower in the Air

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A cloud of soft floral fruity pleasure. Compored to the original Kenzo Flower, Flower in the Air is a bit lighter and more "fun" - less serious. Still the same beautiful flowers with an added dose of raspberry. There aren't much powdery violet as in the original Kenzo Flower, while the rose is more prominent in this flanker. This is the happy note to it, that reminds me of something that possibly Kate Hudson would wear. Fun, Sweet, airy, feminine, clean. It's a very simple fragrance, lovely in it's simplicity, elegant and calm.

A lovely soft delightful bouquet of the most perfect gentle flowers (pink roses, blooming gardenia and magnolia), mixed with the sweet and tangy fruit (raspberry), and smoothed and creamed by the musk. The base is so gently supportive- not heavy at all, and hardly noticeable really - the focus is always on the flowers and fruit. It is youthful but not in a teenaged sense. Flower in the Air is the kind of floral you can wear at the office without leaving a trail of sneezes behind you. Performance is good.
22nd April 2022