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Rogue Perfumery (2019)

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Reviews of Flos Mortis by Rogue Perfumery

There are 8 reviews of Flos Mortis by Rogue Perfumery.

First impressions : ew, omg. Sour (lemon) + solvents / glue / menthol. A most alarming colour. Is this some kind of embalming fluid ? Impressions of a funeral parlour ? Something floral stirs in the depths. Jasmine emerges, and something white and blunt-edged. Has sillage and projection. Getting something fruity from it (the redcurrant, perhaps) along with continuing menthol. I hope this improves, because I want to scrub it off rite nao. Something decaying, sour and animal, with the menthol over the top as though trying to cover it up. No leather. Flower of death indeed.
Interesting, but there will be time enough for me to smell like this when I'm dead. Not yet.

This is nothing like Champs Lunaires, which I quite liked.
Nov 23, 2020

Rogue Flos Mortis quickly unveils its veritable "redolent" indolic nature represented by a vibrant mentholated mélange of sambac jasmine, tuberose and suedish (vaguely lipstick) osmanthus (the refined floral/leathery spark at distance). I definitely detect on skin the Rogue's landmark mouldy vibe provided by a sort of "vintage" accord kind of medicinal, naphtalenic/aldehydic/musky (a la Areej Le Dore Siberian Musk), something rubbery (vaguely boot-polish like), barely waxy, slightly honeyed and mouldy (with a vague mushroom-like humid atmosphere) with hints of floral soapiness (like in Bogue MAAI I detect a sort of tribute to a classic "french/british" royal concept of "barber-shop/laundry/cleaned-room-like"). Along the transition towards the heart and the dry down jasmine slightly recedes while tuberose moves up to the top with its carnal floral "aggressiveness", perfectly flanked by a subtle soapy/suedish touch of osmanthus, musk and leather. This powerful floral dirty/musky indolic vibe conjures me significantly another musky/dirty floral accord, namely the Corticchiato's floral/musty-rotten beast Parfum d'Empire Musc Tonkin (orchid, ylang-ylang, lily, perhaps tropical flowers, tuberose with hints of jasmine, hyper realistic animalic musk, something kind of sultry, spicy - cloves, cinnamon? - and with a sheer mossy and somewhat acrid/fecal type of dirtiness). Yes, the scary name Flos Mortis could easily evoke a sort of "graveyard ambience" and effectively the intense dirty floral tornado (with its vague "flowerpot stale water" twist - hints of slightly fecal civet a la C&S Cuba? - ) could vaguely recall this mournful solemn atmosphere. On the other hand I have anyway to say that along the way the aroma exhales out in a more civilized, mature and "european" way, with a more classic and measured floral soul a la Piguet Fracas or Givenchy Amarige.
Oct 4, 2020

Flos Mortis goes on skin with a huge, highly indolic tuberose and jasmine white floral tandem, with an underlying menthol-like accord before transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart, development stays linear as the highly indolic tuberose takes the fore with the jasmine remaining in support and the menthol-like accord vacates. During the late dry-down the tuberose remains, though now diminished, revealing just a touch of supporting hard leather in the base. Projection is excellent, as is longevity at over 12 hours on skin.

The name may scare many off even trying Flos Mortis, but in truth, while certainly a hard-core indolic tuberose composition all the way, it really is not off-putting, or at least not to this writer. That isn't to say Flos Mortis is an easy wear... You really need to *love* tuberose in all its indolic glory to enjoy wearing Flos Mortis, as the jasmine and the leather really only bolster the real star. It also doesn't help that the composition is fairly linear. I am not a deep indolic tuberose fan so Flos Mortis is not the kind of thing I would seek out myself, but if you love tuberose in all its indolic glory, the well-made, high quality Flos Mortis should certainly be on your short list of compositions to sniff. The bottom line is the $125 per 60 ml Flos Mortis may have a scary name, but the "very good" 3.5 stars out of 5 rated composition is much more accessible than expected, and certainly recommended to hardcore tuberose lovers in particular.
Jun 9, 2020

Decent indolic scent with a surprisingly pleasant (given the theme) and sweet musky drydown. A rare footnote-quality experience from this house.
May 27, 2020

This is sweeter & far less challengingly morbid than I was led to expect by other reviews that I've read. For me it's a gently indolic jasmine with a minty edge, & to begin with I have to inhale deeply to get the leather & mothball effect. I don't read it as tuberose either, & I see that tuberose isn't even listed among the notes here in the Directory. The redcurrant isn't obvious, but seems to lend a fruity sweetness to the mix. Five minutes in, the mothball accord strengthens, & dominates for the next two hours before receding. After this, osmanthus adds another, more creamy note of fruitiness, still going softly seven hours in.
Disconcertingly, the remnant of this that remains on the sleeve of my robe the next morning has an insidious, sickly sweetness that puts me in mind of rotting teeth. Perhaps that's where the "morbidity" comes in, but other than that, I'm left wondering what all the fuss is about. There is a vaguely gothic feel to this, & I'm sure anyone who enjoys Tubereuse Criminelle would love it, but it's far too sweet for me, & there's nothing morbid about the pretty coral pink colour of that juice!
Dec 4, 2019

Sweet. Brandy-like accord. Gentle leather underneath. It's a mysterious blend. Floral notes drift in and out. Marvelous thing, this! "Indole" here is lux. Waves of jasmine mingle amongst the other notes. The florals here are perfection, in general. I really like this!

In time, all sweetness fades and the jasmine juice takes over. Still, little hints of leather pop in here and there.

Lasts gently, with floral indole, a long time.
Aug 31, 2019

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