Floriental fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Pink Pepper, Plum liqueur, Incense
  • Heart

    • Cistus flower
  • Base

    • Sandalwood, Labdanum, Vetiver

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Latest Reviews of Floriental

Wonderwood, but with a sweet plum and almost classic rose/oud combo smelling opening, but it goes dry into the cdg incense style soon. The fruit goes away in about two hours, and then it just becomes indistinguishable from Wonderwood. If that's what you want, go for it.
12th June 2023
My first impression from the sample I tried was plum and spice, with amber for warmth. This is a win for me! I immediately purchased a full bottle.
28th January 2023

I love the incense and pepper. When I think of CDG, I think of this fragrance. Think of Plum Japonais but with some incense and a hint of labdanum. I would definitely get this over Plum Japonais.

Longevity and projection is moderate. It's not a must-own, but if you want only a few from the CDG line, I think this one deserves attention.
21st February 2022
CdG Black minus the creosote, plus a kind of gardenia. Which is what I was looking for! Thanks!

That being said, I'm getting tired of the CdG incense routine, or maybe just incense scents in general. Thinking of returning to Chanel No. 19.
21st December 2021
This has a very noticeable pink pepper and sandalwood scent that hangs heavy in the air. Very strong and pronounced. Reminds me of some of the scents from Geza Schoen and Escentric Molecules, especially Molecule 04, so I suspect Javanol is present here.

I get excellent performance with big projection and all day longevity.
26th April 2020
Not bad stuff name would describe exactly what I had in my mind from the name of it,very crisp opening with all the florals then dries and lightens up to incense/Woody notes can't say much more than that. Maybe to flowery for my taste-Don't think I would buy a full bottle
I do like how it dries down that's about it. I think For over 100$ you could buy alot better smelling fragrance that's just my opinion. This was just a sample I had tried with no atomizer which to me makes a big difference maybe I'll try a bigger sample with a atomizer and see what happens.
23rd March 2019
This is a bit of a car crash - light pot pouri florals with a harsh vetiver and a resinous, balsamy undertone. I don't get any sandalwood or plum, which might have helped smooth things out, but more than likely would have clashed even more and made it worse.

Just too many juxtaposed strong elements that conflict rather compliment each other.
11th March 2019
Stewed fruit, incense, peppers and what seems like the hibiscus/rose accord from Costume National's Scent Intense. I don't get much 'woods' at all.

Totally wearable by a man in my view -- the longevity is excellent, but it is a little loud. Still, I like it very much.

I'm a little worried that CdG fragrances are all beginning to smell a bit 'samey' though.
10th January 2017
Nothing groundbreaking from CDG, but one could surely do much worse than Floriental.
Yes- it shares the same DNA as Wonderwood, with an added plum/floral. Very unisex.
What I like most about Floriental is the "Play-doh" note I get from it.

29th December 2016
Given Comme des Garcons generally androgynous output, I have no idea why this composition has been categorised as feminine.

Oddly, I find this fragrance fairly dull but slightly intriguing. In the air, this is a light, fizzy, gingery plum stuck in a lump of Playdoh that somehow manages to give the illusion of a cold, soapy, mentholated rose. When I sniff closely I get hints of Gucci Envy drowned in peppery exhaust fumes and burnt rubber. This is when my head starts to explode and my sinuses feel like they're going to kill themselves. There's no joy to be had up close.

If Sharpie made scented markers the red one would smell like this and I would use it to draw a picture of a big tub of Swarfega, as this is what the dry down gives you.

I feel Comme des Garcons are now hitting pointless fanboy cash-in territory.
13th April 2016
I'll say it - Floriental just smells like a less busy version of Wonderwood with added plum. I initially thought the plum was tuberose or something similar until I realized the pink pepper was tricking me. And what a delightful pepper it is - of a similar caliber to that of the unthinkably discontinued Lyric Rain (which is to say I enjoy it immeasurably). Spicy, woody, and bone-dry, this juice really has nothing to do with florals, so the name sounds dicey at best, but the product is a lovely little unisex which I would heartily recommend to any fans of Wonderwood, Gucci PH, Fever Pour Homme, Quorum Silver, or really any peppery, gingery dry woods.
26th February 2016
No overt florals nor particularly oriental in feel, FLORIENTAL strikes me as a somewhat cynical take on a popular genre. It skips the typically heady floral openings of typical orientals and jumps right into the final third, with pale ambery woods and faint hints of warm incense.

Projection and sillage are both modest, which is fine by me as the scent while mildly pleasant does absolutely nothing for me.

I don't claim to be an expert on CdG but they do make surprising compositions. This is not much different; I was indeed surprised. Here we have an oriental vehicle low on gas and just about as purposeful as an offering of ice to Eskimos. Has this edgy house finally tipped over the edge
and is now flipping the bird at consumers' expense?
16th November 2015