Sylvaine Delacourte (2016)

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Florentina by Sylvaine Delacourte

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'Powdery musk'

Florentina brings together all of my favorite raw material obsessions. Almond first, for its rich yet fresh side, then the majestic powdery scent of irises from Florence and heliotrope touched with hints of vanilla. This beautiful blend is punctuated with white musk, and finally carnations reveal their spicy notes. The root of vetiver from Haiti gives a woody vibe to this melody in blue.

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Reviews of Florentina by Sylvaine Delacourte

There are 4 reviews of Florentina by Sylvaine Delacourte.

Like a half-naked princess in her boudoir,gentle morning sunshine, powdered wig,porcelain skin,love letters from her secret admirer.it smells cold, soft and sweet,a bit confectionery but not overwhelming.sweet not in a warm or gourmand sense,despite the prominent almond,but in a calm, reassuring way.it has a emotional feel if wearing clean,soft blanket,being warm and safe,being loved and happy.

Starts as a beautiful,powdery sweet blend of bitter almond and iris notes with barest hints of citrus,then a sweet underlying floral heliotrope and fluffy violet in the middle,and as the base emerges a hint of musk and prominent of vanilla. the almond in this is not at all gourmand, sweet, cherry-like it's very dry, like sliced or ground almonds. iris is very powdery and not at all earthy or waxy.the vanilla lends a touch of sweetness,but is not sticky whatsoever. for those who prefer subtle scents, Florentina is certainly a winner.

Delacourte – Florentina (2016)

Odd that a scent line calling itself “Muscs” should produce a scent without musk as one of its notes. Perhaps these scents are trying to give the “effect” of musk without actually using either real or synthetically sourced materials.

Florentina is a powdery, slightly bitter, combination of nine notes. The vetiver, iris and lavender ground it with a dry pungency and permit the bergamot, orange blossom and benzoin to float above. I don't really experience the violet or carnation.

It has an earthy greenness to it that makes it seem more herbal than floral. Perfectly decent but not in any way mind-blowing or extraordinary. Fine for daily wear, even office wear, unobtrusive and subtle. Decent but unremarkable.

After trying samples in both the musk & the vanilla collections from this house, Florentina was the one I purchased. It's unusual for me to fall in love with a musk centric sent, especially one containing violet. I've thought myself anosmic to musks for years & violet has never been a favorite note of mine & neither has orange blossom. In fact, some carnation notes even cause me physical distress.
My expectations were low upon sampling this fragrance. Yet, somehow, some way or another, Florentina is a stunningly feminine, long lasting, nose-stuck-to-my-wrist (I kid you not) scent on my skin.

Florentina is seamlessly blended with no one singular note standing out amidst the whole. It stays close to the skin, or so I thought until the compliments began rolling in. The scent is powdery, but not aggressively so. I am partial to powdery scents but I'm picky too. L'Heure Bleue has been my standard by which I compare this group of fragrances. I also have the Prada Infusion d'Iris. LHB is more gourmand & IdI is a "brighter" scent, as compared to Florentina. It is a welcome addition to my collection of iris-centric fragrances.

The sample program is the way to go to explore this line.

Highly recommended.

This, is powdery perfection. Very feminine. It is a marvelous blend of iris, violet, almond, orange blossom, and carnation. The carnation holds no bitterness or green stem vibe whatsoever. The almond is sweetened in a heliotrope and musk accord. Long lasting with moderate sillage. If you love Prada Infusion d'Iris, you will love this.

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