Floral Curiosities : Scarlet Larkspur 
Ineke (2011)


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Floral Curiosities : Scarlet Larkspur by Ineke

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Ineke Rühland

Floral Curiosities is a limited edition collection of fragrances created by Ineke and inspired by flowers found in her garden. They are available exclusively from Anthropologie stores.

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Reviews of Floral Curiosities : Scarlet Larkspur by Ineke

There are 2 reviews of Floral Curiosities : Scarlet Larkspur by Ineke.

This one starts out slightly bitter, later turning slightly sweet. I get lotus in the floral notes. This mellows out in the middle. The base is very soft with vanilla. The Tonka isn't there for me, at the base. A safe, workplace fragrance. Overall it is pretty; mainstream but, slightly different.

I usually like Ineke, and I've enjoyed the rest of her Floral Curiosities collection, but I really don't like Scarlet Larkspur. Maybe it's because I'm unfamiliar with the smell of the flower itself, but this just smells to me like an over-concentrated syrup of fruits and soaps and weird clean chemicals that all come together to smell like industrial floor cleaner, the kind you're supposed to water down but that nobody does. Definitely not for me.

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