Florabellio fragrance notes

  • Head

    • marine notes, sea fennel
  • Heart

    • apple blossom, osmanthus
  • Base

    • roasted coffee, toasted sesame

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The opening phase is characterised by a marine impression that has a tart and herbal undertone; this is not a tropical marine but reminds me more of cooler climes: more North Sea or Hokkaido than Bahamas and the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately this marine character has quite a synthetic undertone.

The drydown as a floral-fruity component, apple blossom with general white floral connotations are evident. The base is more of a creamy and baked patisserie nature.

I get moderate sillage, adequate protection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

Pleasant for cooler summer days on the ocean, this is not bad, really, but too generic and synthetic to entice. 2.5/5.
3rd October 2017
This doesn't seem like a Diptyque fragrance… it isn't like anything from them that I've tried before. Florabellio is very sweet, a bit metallic, and it exhibits a marine note that is new to my experience with Diptyque. The marine note introduces a synthetic, plastic feeling that I might expect from something from Calvin Kline or Hugo Boss, but this fragrance is too… 'big'… for either of those. I guess the 'big' is floral, and according to the scent pyramid, that would be apple blossom and osmanthus - I don't smell either one individually because there's too much weirdness (sea fennel & marine note) connected those flower aromas.

The scent settles down during its heart stage and for its base, when it becomes quite diminutive while its florals are being intermingled by a coffee note. I enjoy this base accord much more than the big opening accord, but the base is too subtle. In all, I think that Diptyque could have done better than this.
19th December 2016

If you like sweet fruity scents, then you may see the appeal of this one. I don't.
I think it is a trainwreck, from a usually reliable house.
Starts VERY sweet, and then develops a tinny, shrill and screechy aspect. The fruit note is nasty, heavy and persistent. Odd toasty notes add to the jumble.
When things get sorted a bit, I can detect a liquorice (fennel) sort of note which isn't bad. At this point the scent is now green... but still too sweet to be bearable.
Rushing to scrub it off...
20th June 2015
I tried this in a boutique the other day in NYC and they were nice enough to give me a sample without buying anything. This is a fruity floral marine scent. There's some backstory about the Normandy shore that goes with the inspiration for this scent. I will say this is the quirkiest scent they've done in recent years but I can already find a comparison to Amouage Reflection.
It opens with an aquatic apple blossom blast, both floral and fruity, fresh and pleasant. It then develops the coffee /sesame veil hovering over the opening notes. The effect is more like a leather jacket or the hot backseat of a car's leather (or even vinyl) upholstery. This persists for about 2 hours until the drydown which is a light floral, salty marine effect. I have to say the whole picture, at its most intense point, made me queasy. I don't like marine/aquatics anyway as they turn my stomach when the note is obvious. I compared it to my sample of Amouage Reflection and they are very similar with the fruity/floral aquatic tropical vibe with something coming through as rubbery or tarry. That one also makes me really queasy. But if you are a fan of marine notes, I think this is a fairly well done fragrance that is playful and interesting on the whole(and of course, cheaper than the Amouage). It's just not my personal thing which is why I gave it a "neutral"..
26th April 2015