Fleurs des Comores 
Maître Parfumeur et Gantier (1988)

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Reviews of Fleurs des Comores by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

Smells "old school" to begin with. Fruit is pale. Jasmine is somewhat indolic, starchy. Vanilla begins to overtake the jasmine. There are whiffs of orange, as well.

Some indolic aspects that remain throughout. The base is light, vaguely earthy. Not an overly strong perfume for me. Seems somewhat linear throughout.
Dec 10, 2019

Beautiful Old School opening of plump floral notes (sweet banana-and-plastic ylang, lush jasmine and somewhat sharper orange blossom for contrast), with cooling aldehydes and a touch of green, a golden sprinkle of powder for class and a lurking bed of warm vanilla supported by a dab of amber. When you can smell all of that all at once you know this is one of the better ones.
The aldehydic and green garnish vanishes quickly, leaving a benign, almost fruited vanilla with a lightly powdery floral haze surrounding it. Satisfying stuff, if a bit quiet in terms of projection.
Oct 28, 2016

There is a burst of vanilla initially, accompanied by a minty, anisic note that may be the passion fruit and black currant mix.

The jasmine lightens the vanilla, removing it from the gourmand opening, and rounding it out.

From then on, it's pretty linear to my nose. A nice restrained vanilla, but nothing remarkable or clever.

I have yet to experience Vanilia, the pre-cursor created by the perfumer for L'Artisan before creating MPG in 1988. When that occurs, I will compare the two.

A safe vanilla, but a trifle too expensive when compared to better offerings available from other houses.
Dec 12, 2015

Once the flourish of green floral opening notes subsides Fleurs des Comores settles down to a straightforward vanilla. It’s not a thick, warm foody vanilla, but rather a crisp, clear, perhaps even slightly metallic vanilla accord that comes across as cool and refreshing rather than snuggly-comfy. It’s also quite linear for its modest duration, during which it gently subsides into a (you guessed it) vanilla skin scent. While I find many straight vanilla fragrances overly sweet and oppressive in warm weather, Fleurs des Comores is one I can easily see wearing during summer.
Jun 14, 2014

Lush, rich white floral I really loved the opening notes--the black current and green notes made it seem fresh and slightly sour at first--then the jam-like sweetness of the passionfruit stepped in. A bit heavy on the fruit for my taste.The floral notes (jasmine--big time jasmine!; ylang ylang, and orange flower) came and stayed for a long, long time. A very pretty combination of white florals but too much jasmine for my taste. I'm still learning to appreciate big white florals like this (my exposure has been limited). Loved the orange-oil note of the orange flower in the heart. Whatever vanilla is in there was overpowered by the florals so I never noticed it at all.The drydown (vetiver, musk,amber) is very fine, very lush. Sillage is very big, longevity excellent. 10+ hours, probably lasts all night long as well.This is quite a heavy fragrance so could overpower in warm weather I think. A good night time scent, too strong for most work situations. Pros: Massive sillage and longevity, rich floralsCons: None"
Oct 19, 2013

Fleur des Comores opens with vanilla, but a sharp blackcurrant supports it. The whole bush - dark, tart berries and added greenness of leaves and stem.
Florals join in as the fragrance gets richer. Ylang-ylang provide a rich headiness, and a little bit of funk to the smell. But always, the vanilla is present.
It closes with a hint of musk added to the softer vanilla. The fragrance wears very close to your skin at this point.
Vanilla, but a very interesting vanilla it is. This is the only vanilla fragrance that stays in rotation all year long, but especially in spring and summer, where it light yet rich scent makes for a great evening wear.
I adore this fragrance.
Jun 2, 2011

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