Fleurs de Sel 
Miller Harris (2007)

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Reviews of Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris

There are 29 reviews of Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris.

In a sense it starts very Mediterranean. It is salty, hot and dry. I can not get any of the flowers. May be some woods but after an hour vetiver and amber like note dominates which is not enjoyable for me.
May 10, 2021

Yes, it's a tad old fashioned 60s or 70s aftershave .... a bit like Azzaro pour Homme that I gave away ... thought my father might like it!
No not for me!
Mar 21, 2020

The opening is packed with aromatic herbs and dominated by a salty note. There are definitely woods in the background and a faint leather note. The intensity drops a lot after the first half hour, but the fragrance doesn't change too much. It smells like a salty breeze over a garden of herbs.
Dec 31, 2018

I start to smile when I get that back of the nose spiky salty herby rush, and feel like I'm in my element every time I get a waft of bracing seaside. Nothing pina colada about this one - it's the sea I know and love - based on Brittany which is similar to my home ground in the West of Ireland. This scent has a lovely grounding effect on me. Wearing it, I feel at home on the planet and I swear it makes me feel physically fitter! It reminds me in a way of peat smoke, along with the briny sea. I also love the dried gorse herby edge which reminds me of winds blowing on clifftops or dunes. FdS is one of a small group of 'virtual reality' perfumes that evoke a landscape or environment for me rather than recalling specific memories related to people or events in my life.
May 16, 2017

I opened a sample vial of Fleurs de Sel expecting a rosy bouquet of fresh triteness to greet my nose and was summarily knocked on my bottom. The floral notes in this composition are utterly subjugated by clove and leather in a way that instantly brought to mind the Marquis de Sade fragrance, and the texture and scent combined made me feel that FdS may very well have been inspired by aftershaves from the 60's. Yes, clove writ large, with its buddies leather and moss, the latter giving off that tiny suggestion of wintergreen, dominate this fragrance, while the flowers are lovely echoes in the back end of a dark cave.
I have now reviewed two Miller Harris creations tonight (and my first two at that) and I must say my interest is piqued.
Feb 19, 2016

This begins on me as orris, soon supported by clove, and it stops right there.

None of the other ingredients in the note tree come to my nose. The clove is done sparingly, so I do get the dryness. Sadly, nothing else develops but these two notes.

It's a pleasant scent, but very simply constructed, and therefore without much interest on my part. I'm reminded of the spice notes in both Bel Ami and Equipage, but this is a mere skeleton, almost a starting point for scents such as those mentioned.

Not a winner.

Jan 25, 2016

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