Fleurs de Chocolat Lucia 
Fresh (1998)

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Fleurs de Chocolat Lucia by Fresh

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Fleurs de Chocolat Lucia is a shared scent launched in 1998 by Fresh

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Reviews of Fleurs de Chocolat Lucia by Fresh

There are 3 reviews of Fleurs de Chocolat Lucia by Fresh.

Despite the unrepentant "CHOCOLATE AND ORANGE!!!!" blast you first get, this is far less sweet than it at first appears. Really nice in cooler weather, and not too heavy to wear in the daytime.

Fleur de Chocolat Lucia is delicious, and that's part of it's problem... One ends up smelling like a bakery confection (a croissant came to mind for me). Too gourmand and sticky sweet for me. I kept hoping the ginger notes would kick it up a notch or two. Unfortunately they never did. A nicely constructed scent, but very food-ey.

The intense initial impression of chocolate and orange is delicious, but simultaneously runs the risk of being overpowering or cloying -- like you've just walked out of a candy factory. But then it dries down into a warmer, creamy, gingery tone, with the chocolate still faintly present but not so aggressive or sweet. Good fall/winter scent; going into the summer, I'll probably reserve it for only occasional evening use for now.

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