Fleurs de Cerisier / Cherry Blossom 
L'Occitane (2008)


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Fleurs de Cerisier / Cherry Blossom by L'Occitane

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Fleurs de Cerisier / Cherry Blossom is a women's perfume launched in 2008 by L'Occitane

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Reviews of Fleurs de Cerisier / Cherry Blossom by L'Occitane

There are 4 reviews of Fleurs de Cerisier / Cherry Blossom by L'Occitane.

Flighty cherry blossomCherry, cherry blossom andlily-of-the-valley are my impression at the beginning, with a berry note and a whiff of rose added in the drydown. Whilst towards the end it is more a generically floral scent, on my skin the cherry remains present until the end - which is two hours after application. Limited projection and silage. A light spring fragrance.

Great fragrance, so delicate. This one makes me feel pretty. I love L'Occitane line. My favorite so far is Fleur Cherie however, I don't see it listed here. I do adore all of them though.

(I think it is"Fleur de Cerisier").In Paris, it is cheap and very easily found (at chemist's, in department stores and at L'occitane's shops). To my knowledge, it is not a limited edition, or not anymore as it is quite successful. And rightly so in my opinion. It is really charming, easy to wear, easy to offer to any woman or girl liking a discreet fresh end of spring sensation.I wear it, my 75 year old aunt wears it, my daughter, 7, wears it as easily !

This is a great fragrance for springtime. At first you get a very full, very juicy and sweet cherry note. It's like coming to the market and tasting the first cherries of the year. The cherry note will vanish quite quickly, though, Fleurs de cerisier is about the blossom not the fruit. The floral scent is very clean, not really sweet, pronounced but still delicate enough to not be annoying. There's wood, too, but nothing too dark or complex. To me it feels linke standing in a grove with cherry trees on a still cool day in spring. It smells beautifully innocent. I actually feel happy just smelling it, but that could very likely also be connected with the woman wearing it.After a few hours the floral notes will only linger very subtle and close to your skin. The woodnotes and amber will mix in strongly and give it a warmer and more erotic character. Only someone close enough to kiss you will be able to notice your perfume then. But if he does, he won't be able not to do so. ;)

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