Fleur de Vanille 
Fragonard (2008)

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Fleur de Vanille by Fragonard

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Fleur de Vanille is a shared scent launched in 2008 by Fragonard

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Reviews of Fleur de Vanille by Fragonard

There are 6 reviews of Fleur de Vanille by Fragonard.

My fellow reviewer below is incorrect, this is definitely NOT a unisex scent. This scent is definetly for women only. Fragonard Vanille is feminine in every aspect, as it should be. If you want a unisex vanilla, stick with Guerlain Spirituesse Double Vanille, as Fragonard's vanilla is firmly feminine. Any self-respecting man would never wear this. Fragonard's website markets this towards women, as it should. A magnificent, beautiful, feminine scent. Very sexy.

My fellow reviewer below is incorrect, this is definitely unisex. Fragonard Vanille is not masculine by any means, but as far as vanillas go this one is firmly non-feminine. What I like about this one is the subtle sandalwood and spice undertones that distinguish this vanilla from others. I don't get much by way of patchouli notes, but this note may be part of the subtle background that takes the edge of the sweetness of the vanilla.

There is no way that any man would ever wear this. This leans FEM all the way, and it's not unisex. It's a terrific scent... on a woman! Even Fragonard's website markets this towards woman only.

Nice twist on an old favorite - vanilla.As with Guerlain, Caron, L'Artisan ~ Fragonard has a wonderfully rich and high quality signature accord to their scents. This rendition of vanilla is absolutely unisex. I have the EDT and it is more than adequate for sillage and longevity. I find it is complimentary to most of my husband's frags, so I never have to worry about choosing a non-conflicting scent when we go out.

I love this and I strongly dislike most vanillas. Beautiful.

This is a complex vanilla for grown-ups. I'd say its a vanilla with teeth but the spicy notes are more of a nibble than a bite. Its very well-balanced and quite lovely. The lotion is great too.

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