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Parfums Dusita (2017)

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Fleur de Lalita by Parfums Dusita

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Fleur de Lalita is a women's perfume launched in 2017 by Parfums Dusita

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Reviews of Fleur de Lalita by Parfums Dusita

There are 5 reviews of Fleur de Lalita by Parfums Dusita.

M+M - Magnolia and Muguet - is the opening duo, with the magnolia dominating; a nice start.

Soon jasmines arises, mainly sambac on me but also some grandiflora; they are green, a bit earthy and slightly soapy. After a while a trim ylang-ylang develops, which is less creamy that one often gets with this ingredient. Similarly, the tuberose that is also present at this stage is slimmer than expected, and it lacks any significant indolic component. I am also getting just a few whiffs of a faintly nonspecific rose here and then.

The base is characterised by sweeter white musks, with some tonka mixed with ambrette being the other important components. Echoes of the florals remain for a while, but they vanish closer towards the end.

This is a floral spring scent, which is composed of ingredients that are not very original is their selection, but the quality of the ingredients makes up for that quite convincingly. Unfortunately, the other components in the base are less radiant and a bit more generic. This olfactory creation demonstrates nicely how another look at traditional ingredients of good quality can create new outlook worthy of being enjoyed once more. Overall 3.5/5

I've had problems with the Dusita line in general. Something in some of the bases often brings in a green flat roughness that smells slightly cold to me. Fleur de Lalita has this problematic base, so I had a lot of ambivalence toward it until I read the description for Dusita's newest fragrance ‘Cavatina'. It mentioned the perfumer Pissara Umavijani's love for vintage muguet fragrances and it clicked in that the bases I don't enjoy are muguet-themed, as is Fleur de Lalita. I've never been a muguet fan, so it's understandable I've been having problems.
So I would call this a cool, green floral with the muguet note both cooling down the florals and over-riding them a bit. As it ages it becomes quite smooth and serene, fairly mannered. I see Grace Kelly, perfectly coiffed, and coolly reserved, relaxed but not giving anything out, in her own skin.

A fresh white floral fragrance, mostly tuberose & jasmine, with a touch of green in the opening rather like sweet violets. This has a moist, humid & tropical feel, & it reminds me of something else, perhaps Montale's Jasmin Full, where I think the quality of the jasmine is very similar. There's a rubbery lily for a little while too, & then one hour in it's more smooth & creamy. It takes four hours before I detect the vanilla & tonka, but the flowers are very much still there, developing a kind of crispness later on, & fading out around six hours in. It's all quite soft & dreamy, not at all shrill or cloying, but then I am dabbing from a vial here. It's quite possible that the projection would be huge when spraying this.
All in all a rather beautiful fragrance, & I'd say it's a white floral lover's dream. Recommended!

A bright, green, rubbery jasmine/tuberose with some strong bitter underpinnings that give it interest. The opening is fairly shrill, but for the musky woody base (ambrette). I know it says the top note is Magnolia, but at the opening the above is what I smell. Later a subtle rose/magnolia accord trills over a strong musk. The magnolia here is a magnolia accord I recognize from other compositions, where the magnolia is more symbolic than actual. It's a pretty one, and it's really more about the blend than any specific flower. In some ways the floral blend reminds me of Joy, but Joy layered over ambrette and musk and woods.

A quite chic and joyful bouquet. Dusita Fleur de Lalita opens with a blast of soapy spicy/gingery magnolia a la Mark Buxton Devil in Disguise. Magnolia is heady in this phase side by side with rose (definitely musky, neutral, vaguely leafy and super soapy). As joined to jasmine, lily of the valley, rose and tuberose It provides a quite sophisticated (vaguely fizzy, significantly musky and definitely soapy) floral bright accord. A basic classic chord of musk, sandalwood and ylang-ylang exudes a gorgeous classy freshly floral aura (for a grand radiant urban dynamic woman). The general musky soapiness represents the modern side of this "carefree" creation (contemporary but with a classic background - Armani Onde Mystere, Sergio Soldano Proibito etc). Finally rose stands out musky and slightly "stale" on my skin, with its languid "neo-victorian" twist well assembled in a more "current" musky-floral melange. Magnolia is still there with its bold impenetrable (vaguely cold) appeal. A charismatic juice for a self confident woman which loves to stand out in a freshly floral musky way.
PS: finally the intensity of lily of the valley, tuberose and Jasmine comes out spicy and intense (vaguely fruity/berrish) providing a quite pungent sophisticated floral spark in air.

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