Fleur de Figuier fragrance notes

  • Head

    • orange
  • Heart

    • galbanum, fig leaf
  • Base

    • cedarwood

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This is my first review using the new BN system, so please forgive me if I do this backwards or wrong. Onto the fragrance. I was fortunate enough to be able to obtain a sample of this through a generous BN'er. In my quest to find a cheap alternative to Philosykos, This one was not what I was looking for, but I would be lying if I didn't recognize it's high points.   The opening.. coconut, coconut, coconut, by far the most coconut dominated fragrance opening that I have ever encountered. I get a very natural smelling coconut, accompanied by a toasted almond like note. The fig really comes out in the middle, but there isn't much of a base on this one. Perhaps a little cedar, which begins to show its face in the opening really. The combination of notes smell a little more feminine than unisex to me.   I really enjoyed Fleur De Figuier, but a couple things keep me from giving it a higher score. Longevity was pretty good, 8+ hours, and when it seemed like it was gone, it was still there. It maintains this earthy fig and cedar combination for hours and hours, a smell, that I wish projected more. I think more notes, and a more substantial base would have made this a sure winner, but I know keeping fragrances minimalistic (note wise) is Molinard's style. I personally wouldn't put it in my wardrobe, because it's a bit on the feminine side. I recommend checking this one out if you like Black Orchid by Tom Ford.Pros: Unique, SensualCons: Moderate to Weak Sillage, Fragrance seems "unfinished"
21st May 2013
Blind purchase, made after i read in a review it was a fig leaning towards the masculine side.

I love fig frags, i own a few (Jo Malone's Fig and Cassis, Philosykos, Heeley's and Marc Jacobs' cologne), and I found them to be all pretty unisex.

This one, though, is, to me, a classic cheapie female frag (think red door) in disguise. Fig is faint, only in the top notes and disappears pretty soon, leaving a totally feminine synthetic base with strong projection and sillage.

Ultimately, I can only blame myself for believing the review i based my blind purchase on, instead of getting a sample from TPC before pulling the trigger on a 100ml

Thumbs down as it fails to deliver even as a Red Door's class competitor
18th August 2011

This is not a feminine scent, in fact it's more masculine than many scents marketed to man nowadays. It begins with astringent and dry mature fig leaves, and the milky sap. It ends in vanilla and sweet woody base. The heart is what's the most interesting to me in this scent probably made to be a simple soliflore.

What I get is a scent that takes me to places. A scent I used to smell a lot when I was a kid. After swimming and splashing around in the river, I used to sunbathe on a small rock by the river pool, surrounded by all sorts of shrubs and herbs. Moist dirt, bitter and sweet smell of shrubbery and the faint smell of the tree leaves. Mulberry in particular. It's weird, and I wonder what makes that.

So, it's an earthy, sticky, slightly astringent slightly sweet scent inspired by figs that comes off to me as a shrubbery bouquet by the riverside. I love it.
6th March 2011
I happened upon this fragrance by chance last week when browsing through the English equivalent of a nickel and dime store. Being a lover of fig fragrances, I bought the only bottle in the shop. There was no tester but I took a chance because of the Molinard reputation for fine fragrances. I also took a chance because the bottle was ridiculously cheap at £7.99 for 100 mls.Well, when I got home and tore off the security tag (which they'd left on by mistake) and the cellophane wrapper, and sprayed the jus on my wrist, I was transported to heaven. This is a divine fig fragrance. It's pure green fig, nothing more, nothing less. In my view, it even surpasses - just - the wonderful Dyptique Phylosikos and charming Jo Malone Fig & Cassis..All you fig scent lovers out there - make this your holy grail - to find and try Molinard's Fleur de Figuier. It's a masterpiece.
17th October 2010
A bit more floral opening than I was expecting, but the middle note is a wonderfully realistic fig scent. Slightly sweet, slightly green. Very wearable; A most affordable high-quality fig scent.
8th February 2010
From the vial ... love at first sniff: Enthralled, charmed, smitten--soft greenery, fig-sweetened. Something goes a little wrong once the juice hits my skin though. Our combined chemistry generates an almond note and the green disappears. Awww. So close to ecstacy. I'm going to smell this vial over and over and over and over.
25th December 2008
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