Flame & Fortune 
Sarah Baker Perfumes (2020)

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There are 1 reviews of Flame & Fortune by Sarah Baker Perfumes.

Fleeting fruity notes of mandarin/apricot are swiftly followed by a kind of creosote/burnt wood effect, then creamy tuberose, pepper & a faint whiff of ginger, all within the first ten minutes. Over the first hour, this all smooths out into a prominent iris, underpinned by smoky labdanum. Six hours in it hasn't changed, & as l've found with the others from this latest collection, it stays close to the skin after the initial phase. It lasts through a shower however, & is still faintly there after twelve hours.

This one is meant to represent "pulp fiction in a fragrance", & to evoke fire, smoke & the desert. l've never been to an actual desert, so l can't comment on that, but there is a pleasant smokiness here, & for me it's the most interesting from this collection so far. Thankfully l don't get the "motor oil" note, but l would have liked more of the listed mezcal. l think this will work nicely in cooler weather.
Aug 22, 2021

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