Flagrant Délice 
Terry de Gunzburg (2012)

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Flagrant Délice by Terry de Gunzburg

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Flagrant Délice is a women's perfume launched in 2012 by Terry de Gunzburg

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Reviews of Flagrant Délice by Terry de Gunzburg

There are 2 reviews of Flagrant Délice by Terry de Gunzburg .

Despite the notes, this is basically just Burberry Brit's famously popular mix of pink pepper, vanilla patchouli, and clove, but with butter added and a pinch of tomato leaf on top for a short-lived burst of unexpected greens.

It's well put together, but EXTREMELY familiar, basically a perfume for people who want to smell like a $30 perfume while being able to brag that they're wearing a $200 perfume. All told, I wouldn't bother sniffing this.

Tried this today, it was certainly worth it! A fresh,fruity start quickly softened by the almond, the fig detectable alongside. Nicely blended, with nothing discordant happening with the various notes.

The bergamot was not discernible to me, and the mandarin didn't stay for long. After a couple of hours, the almond and the fig were all that remained for me. The notes (the ones I could detect) work together in rather sophisticated way, with the almond providing a rather comforting feeling, without being too relaxed.

This did not linger on me for more than a few hours, sadly,and as far as I could tell, was not massively obvious to others. Good if you specifically want to wear for your own enjoyment, without gassing those around you.

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