Fire Island 
Bond No. 9 (2006)

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Fire Island by Bond No. 9

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Bond No. 9
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The 26th scent from Bond is inspired by Fire Island and is designed to conjure up the scent of 'Premium Euro-Sunscreen'.

Bond No. 9's press release tells us:

Fire Island is an experiential scent - the beach equivalent of Proust's madeleine dunked in tea. In this case, the memories conjured up are the sights, the touch, the smell of soaking up the sun the old-fashioned way - lying naked, or close to it, on the beach. We know, we know: Those UV rays aren't safe. So we thought, why not approximate the smell of skin in the sun, and recapture the bronzing sensation within the safety of a scent? To make Fire Island authentic, we took a risk and summoned forth the distinctive spicy-sweet aroma of the most sought-after of vintage Euro-bronzing oils - whose iconic smell has wafted all across the Mediterranean, summer after summer, for decades, defining the body on display, with its daydream hints of sex on the beach. Even when savored at a respectable distance, Fire Island is a reminder of skin sniffed up close.

This scent's barrier-island namesake, 90 minutes from Manhattan by train and ferry, is the hideaway where New Yorkers come in droves to let their hair down and uncover their skin. Fire Island may be made of sand dunes, but it's got distinctive New York-esque neighborhoods (Kismet ... Saltaire ... Atlantique), a heavy-duty night-life, shopping (natch), and a history, in the 1920s, as a Bohemian retreat. In other words, it's home not too far away from home. So it's a legitimate part of our scent repertory.

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Reviews of Fire Island by Bond No. 9

There are 55 reviews of Fire Island by Bond No. 9.

The beach is crowded. The holiday weekend has reigned in people from all over the state. Heavy in the air are the scents of sun-warmed skin, suntan lotion, and briny ocean air.

This is summer's standing on the beach,smelling the scent of sun cream in the air mixed with clean,vaguely salty skin.nice,round, comforting white floral-musk's soft and smooth,sits close to skin. sunny,warm,fresh, clean,even a touch of a green that's young and becomes more's not very original,but also not too bad.

There is a big burst of what i imagine to be neroli, tuberose and musk on start,which seems to stay on forever.however it becomes more powerful after an hour - and even a bit powdery. the down is that it is a really simple scent, we shall not expect layers much or transformation.of course,it does adapt to the skin,but it stays the same all in all.It's a kind and feminine smell,but far from sexy or elegant.

A lady's perfume
With a brash pair of beach boobs
That just makes one smile.

This very nicely channels the scent of high end tanning oils.

Be clear there is no coconut aspect to this if that's what you expect in "tanning oil" scent. If you're used to creams/oils with a coconut base, this may not strike you as "tanning lotion."

I cannot detail the notes. Some white florals I guess. A bit of musk.

Smells to me just like laying on a sandy beach with hot summer sun while slathered with tanning cream.

Haven't layed in the sun in over 20 years and won't wear this much but is a scent I really enjoy.

A successful attempt to create an elevated impression of fine 'euro' tanning oil. I think it succeeds at that. Does that make this more or less a 'novelty' scent? I would answer, yes. Still it is wonderfully done, and I give solid thumbs up with caveats. I could never wear this enough to be bottle worthy, and would not generally impose this on nor want to smell this on coworkers. However for me this is a fragrance absolutely worthy of a decant. I did happen to go to high school across from a beach. This was in the 1980's and there was plenty of tanning oil and lots of different 'baking' in the sun(maybe layer this with Black Afghano for true accuracy). In very small, very occasional, and very appropriately timed doses the smell of tanning oil can be transformative, almost psychedelic. I actually got both Fire Island and Jones Beach. Fire Island is high end tanning oil(pun intended) while Jones Beach is sun-kissed skin after the oil has faded(seriously, I know, weird...right? But that's a different review).

During one of the early sunny warm days of the year I worked in the yard and got some fresh air and sunshine(responsibly). Afterwards I took a shower, using some Seagrass and Driftwood body wash then applied a few sprays of Fire Island. Relaxing that evening in my chair this fragrance was so perfect, so amazing for that moment of zen. Clean, refreshed, content...and beachy! In my living room. In my recliner. At night. I never would have worn actual tanning oil in that situation, or actually any situation anymore for that matter. Being able to capture it like this is art in perfumery.

My plan is to enjoy this just a few times after similar sun drenched days through the summer which will create a 'scent imprint' saving enough for a few strategic 'therapy' wears during the winter. Helluva lot cheaper than airfare and accommodations!
Update: I found a discounter offering testers at $95 and I just had to go for it. Now counting my original 15ml decant I am flush with Fire Island even with it's limited practicality and wearability. Considering I'm typing this after several weeks of rainy gloom at 159% of the average for the entire season in already rainy Puget Sound, having a full bottle plus of summer-beachy-tanning oil without the oilyness seems very appealing while watching gutters overflow, lakes appear in parking lots, and driving through water over roadways.

This is one of the fragrances I test drove in the search for a great tropical/beachy scent to add to my collection. Unfortunately, it's a no-go for me. I'm a bit disappointed as I expected a big tuberose note and really don't get any tuberose. There is a faint neroli, but really all I get from this fragrance is the smell of salty skin. It's not a bad fragrance for what it is, and it definitely conjures up images of the beach on a hot summer day. But I need something more in a beach scent - either more ylang ylang, more coconut, more of something to add a bit more complexity - I don't want to just smell like salty skin.

Sillage is quite powerful - one squirt and my spouse smelled it on the other side of the room.

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