Figue Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, blackcurrant, fig
  • Heart

    • jasmine sambac, sheer floral notes, green leaves
  • Base

    • amberwood, cedarwood, musk

Latest Reviews of Figue Eau de Parfum

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This fig is so dry I wouldn't wear it, as a woman. It should be called fig tree with white musk. Performances are good.
12th November 2021
The essence of a fig tree near a water spring in a garden that is most probably hidden from the crowd, secret if you will. The opening is green, leafy, bright, sunny, specific. Like you are right up close to a bush or leaves and fresh one that fresh leafy scent. There is a lemony ness, perfectly tart, leades the way under the shade of the tree, where juicy figs are slightly past their prime.

It it very well blended all the notes seem to float into one another seamlessly, in a linear fashion. Totally the natural acidic citrus scent, the essence of fig leaves, and something else in beneath. Something that gives is some depth, and sweeten it in the dry down. If you like fig, or even if you don't, green leaves and lemon, give Fogue a try.
28th March 2021