Figue Amère 
Miller Harris (2002)

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Figue Amère by Miller Harris

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Figue Amère is a shared scent launched in 2002 by Miller Harris

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Reviews of Figue Amère by Miller Harris

There are 13 reviews of Figue Amère by Miller Harris.

Extraordinarily uninteresting. Hard to know when it stops so I'm guessing poor longevity too.

Does anyone else find it odd that neither Basenotes nor Fragrantica currently lists 'fig' in the notes pyramid for this release? We all know it's there, riding the crest of this breezy, saline softness. I've never been much for fig scents but I am actually compelled to wear this little beauty. The violet leaf in the opening, bittersweet and utterly green, and the ambery base make perfect textural complements, ensuring that while the scent evolves (or devolves) it maintains the same weight and texture. Simply lovely.

Gentle, pleasant and convincing fig. It seems that everything here is about moderation: not too sweet, not too fruity, not too bitter, despite its name. Definitely more feminine than masculine, with fairly decent staying power.

Quite flat, and more like generic soap with a hint of fig. There is also something bitter lurking around, although I'm not quite sure what. The dry down is considerably better than the top.

Figue Amere opens with a bitter green accord that's pretty interesting. Fig leaves, maybe some galbanum...Unfortunately it turns to a floral-ambery base that's not particularly refined and of much less interest. If you like floral-fig fragrances you can have plenty of better options out there (i.e. Jardins De Kerylos, Philosykos, Premier Figuer, Figuier, Ninfeo Mio..).

This is a very rich fig fantasy. Bergamot and fig goes very nicely at the start. and violets so sweet makes a bright counterpoint with the bitterness of fig. salty powdery sweet and figgy. Really good work. I could not compare this one with Premier Figuier by L'Artisan Parfumeur. Figue amere is by far the best. Premier figuer though having a promising top accord, is unluckily spoiled by a cheap coconut aroma. I have apreciated Fleur de Figuier by Molinard as an bright replica of the fig tree itself but Figure Amere much complicated, artistic sweet (and feminine) goes to the wish list at first try.

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