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Fig-Tea by Nicolaï

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Fig-Tea is a women's perfume launched in 2000 by Nicolaï

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Reviews of Fig-Tea by Nicolaï

There are 12 reviews of Fig-Tea by Nicolaï.

I only get a very fleeting burst of actual fig, before it's overtaken by the woody, faintly tobacco-like note of davana blossom, & an osmanthus that smells more like peaches than the usual apricot. I'm not sure what mate smells like, but this perfume could be said to resemble a fruit tea. The lemony-herbal note of coriander drifts in & out, before it all begins to turn milky, with the slight crispness of fig leaves. At around the ninety minute mark, the milky accord begins to dominate, & sniffing up close I detect a little dessicated coconut. From here it simply fades, & is barely detectable after five hours.
Anyone looking for a fig-dominant scent will probably be disappointed with this one, but for me it makes a suitably light, fresh & inoffensive summer work scent, easily wearable by either gender. You just need to carry some with you so you can reapply.

I just get a quiet sort of milky, ozonic scent with tea and osmanthus. I don't get fig on my skin. Interesting to sniff but not "me".

This is a weird one. Every time I spray it on, I'm like "oh no! Really?" Because it smells exactly like ripe figs and reminds me of the day I spent harvesting and processing about a gallon of fig jam. A lot of stirring over a hot stove, burned and prickled fingers and the smell of hot ripe fig.
Fortunately the opening lasts about ten minutes and then it's a fantastic tea scent. Black tea, scented with an apricot or osmanthus aspect. It's straightforward, beautifully dry and long lasting. I don't really think of it as a great fragrance but it's enormously satisfying when I'm craving something crisp, dry and uncomplicated.

I really like the thin watery layer in which this fragrance operates. If it were heavier it would be annoyingly sweet but now it's nice, kind of shy.

I certainly get a nice ripe fig. But then mostly a lot of hedoine against a background of sticky amber.

It's... cute? Not a lot of personality though.

The tea note is fluidy and almost ozonic, the smell is fresh and windy with a figgy final faint  powderiness and some fruity-floral notes whirling around (osmanthus, peaches??). The smell is light, sweet, wearable and summery, more fruity than floral. The scent of fig is evanescent and i catch more sweet fruits, aromatic herbs and white flowers in the air. A joyful but untemperamental fragrance. Not bad anyway.

I don't quite get this one. I detect a sweet anise/licorice note and a non-specific fruity/floral feel, but neither of the notes in the name, nor any of the notes in the de Nicolai press (osmanthus, davana, jasmine.) I guess what's listed as an osmanthus note could be showing up as a peachy sweetness, but if so I'm only finding the fruitiness, not the flower.

Fig-Tea could be used as a cologne-style summer fragrance, but over time it trades freshness for sweetness, winding up with more sugar than flavor. There is an interesting similarity to Aurelian Guichard's Aqua Allegoria Anisia Bella for Guerlain. The floral/anise tune common to each takes different paths, though. Rather than Fig-Tea's sweeter and fruitier turn, Anisia Bella starts with more complexity (I know, surprising for an AA) and grows cooler, more powdery over time.

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