Field Notes from Paris 
Ineke (2009)

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Field Notes from Paris by Ineke

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Field Notes from Paris is a women's perfume launched in 2009 by Ineke

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Reviews of Field Notes from Paris by Ineke

There are 22 reviews of Field Notes from Paris by Ineke.

A light citrus followed by a subtle vanilla was initially noticed with a bergamot note. Unisex fragrance for sure. For some reason, I get an artificial grape vibe with this one. Not a bad fragrance, just not my style.

Sour, bitter, green top. Slight lemony feel. Tiny spark of spice. Sharp blend.

Bitterness begins to subside in the heart. Becomes cool, almost medicinal. Middle is well-mixed. Fresh! Patchouli is a bit more pronounced than the other notes as it wears on.

The base notes are well-blended, too. Still fresh and green; now with an added sweetness. I can pick out cedar, amber, and vanilla. This to me, is one of the better Ineke offerings.

3.5 stars.

Field Notes isn't one of my favorites from Ineke, though I find it interesting as a sort of think piece.

Basically, to my nose, Field Notes is everything that's usually relegated to the background in a standard masculine designer aquatic, but upfront and in plain sight. It's fascinating to smell how that grape drink topnote used in so many men's designer releases is able to be picked apart here, revealing that it's actually a complicated mix of flowers, citrus, lavender, and sage over patchouli.

That being said, once the novelty wears off, this just smells like a better than average mall scent, though mercifully devoid of aquatic cheapness, but still overly familiar and common-smelling. If you're a designer fan looking for something a step up but not too different, this could be a great choice, but alas, it's not for me.

The wondrous part of
Coffee in a coffee shop
Is the coffee shop.

I don't get much in the way of complexity with Field Notes - mainly a linear honey scent, but with a twist - a harshness, a medicinal-like quality to the honey, something like a pine note or a eucalyptus note, which sets it apart from other honey-dominant scents, and gives it some balance. I can see this as being something you can wear casually whilst doing some November/December high-street shopping, with the licks of cold air stirring up the fragrance and giving you some warm comfort. 6/10

Primarily a sheer orange blossom and beeswax fragrance with lots of nuances that do well to live up to the imagery of Paris on a beautiful day. Intoxicating opening. Performance is acceptable - the pleasant main notes persist for a long time after all the clever supporting acts have gone home. There is a shampoo like quality in the drydown that orange blossom fragrances often teeter around, and that places it strictly in the casual wear category for me. Overall, really well done. Not quite on par as the signature orange blossom work of Francis Kurkdjian, but very good nonetheless. And for the price, well worth a purchase for me. Excellent value.

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