FiDi fragrance notes

    • black pepper, bergamot, mandarin, nutmeg, lotus flower, cedarwood, vanilla, musk

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Nutmeg, ginger, and faux citrus over a very standard grape drink topnote, eventually drying down to an aquatic "woody amber" base.

I suppose this is a return to form for Bond No 9, in that their first few years were characterized by "mass-market designer but better" scents. This smells like something Kenneth Cole would do (the combination of ginger and aquatics reminds me of Kenneth Cole Black), but richer and stronger and with a touch of added complexity.

This is not what I'm into, so I'm voting thumbs down, but I imagine a lot of folks here would love this, so it's worth a sniff.
17th May 2023
Masculine spicy fresh long lasting Woody fragrance housed in a very stylish black bottle.

Perfect for warm weather.

Thumbs up!
8th May 2022

I find the opening very peppery which works well with orange in my experience -- it's very nice.

Lovely drydown of basically woods and spices, but with a fresh feel that lasts for ages.

Bond seem to have got their act together recently.

No H.O.T.Always though -- they might be 'vaulting' like Creed
12th March 2020
Sharp, sparkling citrus opening. Turns into dry, powdery sweetness with maybe a metallic touch not too long afterward. I find it to be similar to Pegasus in certain ways.

This feels like a versatile, everyday fresh/clean, modern workhorse scent. Good for all occasions.

Projection is fine, should be enough to grab a compliment or two. Longevity lasts all workday.
29th February 2020