Fève Délicieuse 
Christian Dior (2015)

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Fève Délicieuse by Christian Dior

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This perfume is delectably tempting and sweet, yet never cloying. I chose exotic Tonka Bean for its slightly bitter roundness. This is a mouth-watering treat that nevertheless retains some mystery.

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Reviews of Fève Délicieuse by Christian Dior

There are 31 reviews of Fève Délicieuse by Christian Dior.

A great performing buttery tonka bean dominant perfume with a smooth resinous vanilla, that is not too sweet but just enough in the most perfect way. It's the feeling you get when you escape from the bitter reality in an insecure world and find the joy of losing yourself in the beautiful world of fairy tales. Fève Délicieuse is relatively linear, but by no means simple. It is incredibly rich assortment of notes and chords weaving in and out and between each other.

It opens on my skin with a delicious, sweet creamy vanilla enchanted with some kind of an ancient green mint laying on top of a cozy and comforting tonka. The middle is where the pale lavender comes into play, powdery and smooth. Shifting over a bed of cacao and a hint of almond. Totally this scent is so smooth, sensuous and absolutely delicious. The sweetness has a soft balance that makes it wearable. Pricey but worth it.

A very nice gourmand full of vanilla, caramel and other goodies. To me lavender is quite prominent in the top notes, which is a good thing. Overall it's very similar to Shalimar Philtre de Parfum to me in how it feels while wearing it - but Shalimar is much more citrusy of course, Feve is pure dessert.

Feve Delicieuse by Dior has a very strong, even sharp, avid start. The leading note of the composition is tonka bean. It is known to connoisseurs of perfume for its sweet, almond-like aroma.

The almond tones of tonka are enriched here with heaps of dry cocoa with a clear boost of something floral and dusty.

Then this cocoa tempest quiets down and reveals a flickering, potent tonka bean. In the great sea of this ingredient there are other notes sunken: tobacco and cinnamon. Cocoa takes on a more chocolate form while caramel starts shimmering somewhere and vanilla takes the scene. From now on, smooth vanilla penetrates every single note of the blend.

Candy sweet refinement

I'm not really into gourmands, in fact I generally dislike them. There is interest here. I get the tonka and carmel, but it is lifted in pitch by some early bergamot, that interacts something like aldehydes do. Its so sweet that it almost pinches the senses. The sweetness is of the candy/sugar variety and not the carmel tonka variety. Its more complex than your average amber, with background notes never fully peaking through, but lending profile. I don't think this is masculine or feminine. Who should smell like childrens candy? Laffy taffys can be enjoyed by any gender. I get something of a powdery feel over it all, which is a nice touch in an amber, but more unique in a sugar sweet. Its saved from becoming a straight down vote because it is pretty good on longevity, and the blend is pretty good. Smells like good quality, but this is not to my taste.

Feve Delicieuse is another of the 2018 reformulated Maison Dior scents, and sadly it seems like the reformulation took a toll. The performance here is similarly weak to Ambre Nuit. The scent itself is decent. It's a substantial gourmand, with lots of tonka, caramel and cherry. There is also a plasticky vibe, common to all 3 scents I've tried from the line so far. Other reviewers have said it's a bit like play-doh, and I'd agree with that. It reminds me of the plastic in Mugler's Pure Tonka, which I liked but was similarly confused by. However, Pure Tonka was a beast, and at $70/100ml! In all, even if the scent was really nice, I can't spend hundreds on a fragrance that requires me to douse.

From the opening, all the way through....this is smooth and warm cozy, it does remind me of Tom Ford F**king Fabolous.
Both have the very high quality Tonka in them.

So this is very unique and very cozy, just like TF very unisex.
Lasts above average on me.
Love it.... so hoping the next Dior offerings are Orientals.... Rouge Traffalgar is very nice, so looking forward to 2020.

Scent 10 -10
Performance 7.9 -10
Sillage 7 -10

Try if you like Dior Homme Intense.... this has the coziness of DHI

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